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Ayurveda , in Sanscrit literally means “the science of life”. It is India’s traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. It promotes prevention and longevity and it is the oldest and most holistic medical system that exists today. AYURVEDA DOES NOT TREATS STATISTICS, IT TREATS INDIVIDUALS!

Ayurveda sees everything in the universe, including human beings, as composed of five elements, namely SPACE, AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH. These five elements in turn combine with each other to give rise to three bio-physical forces or “DOSHAS” – VATA (Air & Space or Ether), PITTA (Fire & Water) & KAPHA (Water & Earth).
 The secret of good health is achieving the perfect balance of doshas for your body type.

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Massage is a very important preventative and curative practice in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic massage can be performed with the use of warmed herbal aromatic oil or powders (dry herbal powder massage is more suited to Kapha body types or to treat body fat and cellulite) all rigorously natural and 100% organic, which are chosen with the client prior the session according to the body constitution (in Ayurveda this is called PRAKRUTI) and to suit individual needs.

 Ilaria Bucchieri is our only Practitioner who gives full body
Ayurvedic Massage treatments.

ABHYANGA – full body oil massage TRADITIONAL INDIAN Rejuvenating treatment

Warmed herbal oil is massaged onto the whole body using fast vigorous movements. 
In India it is a weekly, sometimes daily practice, used as prevention to disease and the aging process. It is ideal for boosting the immune system and reducing fatigue, for improving functions and harmony of all body systems. This nurturing treatment promotes relaxation and good sleep, muscle tone and joint flexibility, good blood and lymphatic circulation, skin tone and complexion.


MARMA points are vital energy points on the body, similar to pressure points used in reflexology and chinese acupuncture. “In fact, it is the system of marmas that is the origin of these systems and acupuncture”. (Atreya, Secrets of Ayurvedic Massage, 2000)

These are very important places for the flow of “PRANA”, the subtle energy that streams throughout our body giving us vitality. When the marmas are blocked,or weakened, our energy flow is interrupted creating imbalance. Sometimes these are tender and painful spots and correspond to trigger points.

Ayurvedic MARMA MASSAGE aims at releasing and stimulating, with the use of thumb pressure and the application of herbal oils, these vital places, in turn promoting vitality, good health and balance.


This is the most popular AYURVEDIC MASSAGE TREATMENT in the western world as it combines the benefits of Ayurvedic oils, rich in good properties, with deep tissue massage techniques aimed at releasing tensions caused by stress of modern life.

Book in for a treatment with Ilaria and she can discuss with you which form of Ayurvedic massage will be of most benefit to you.

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