Dr.Hauschka Treatments

 Dr.Hauschka Treatments at Shine Salons in North London

We offer a range of specialist face and body treatments at our Stoke Newington health & beauty salons. The Dr.Hauschka Treatments takes you on a restorative journey and use a holistic approach to stimulate the skin’s inherent ability to regulate and heal itself. 

All Dr Hauschka holistic treatments are with our exclusive, skilled esthetician Amanda Berlyn.

The Classic Dr.Hauschka Treatment at Shine Salons in North London

This special Dr.Hauschka treatment strengthens the immune system, and can address complex skin conditions by encouraging your skin to find its way back to a balanced condition – is available at our North London beauty salons.

It works with your body’s natural rhythms including your breathing and heartbeat allowing you to reconnect to yourself.

Calming Massage Treatment at Top North London Salons

The classic Dr. Hauschka massage treatment begins with a warm, sage foot bath designed to calm the mind and bring you to a restful state.

Amanda will then prepare your face for cleansing with lavender-infused compresses followed by a luxurious facial steam bath. A clay mask is applied to your face to remove impurities and gently exfoliate the skin.

Gentle hands and soft brushes will glide across your face stimulating the movement of the lymph system helping to remove toxins and support the immune system.

A nourishing Dr.Hauschka treatment mask carefully selected to meet your skin’s needs will expertly be applied allowing you to sit back and relax…

The service is ended with a cool, refreshing lemon compress to slowly awaken you.

Dr Hauschka Unique Face & Body Treatments

For your first Dr Hauschka facial appointment please allow 120 minutes. Follow up appointments may be shorter. You are able to add 60-minute treatments on to other Dr Hauschka Face and Body treatments

There is a stunning range of treatments available with our Dr Hauschka Practitioner, Amanda Berlyn including:

The Dr.Hauschka Facial Firming Treatment 

The Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Treatment

The Dr.Hauschka Body Treatment.

The Dr.Hauschka Back Cleanse 

The Dr.Hauschka Head Treatment  

Book Your Dr Hauschka Treatment Shine Health & Beauty Salons in North London

If you would like to experience a relaxing, pampering Dr. Hauschka face or body service then please contact our professional team at Shine health & beauty salons in North London. Call 020 7241 5033 to speak to a member of our team.

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