Postural Re-education

Postural and emotional re – education through the Mezieres Method, with Emma Diani at Shine, N16.

The Mezieres Method was first created by French physiotherapist Francoise Mezieres. It is based on the principles of Mezieres observations, that in the human body the muscles form functional units called muscle chains, as they all link together to form certain structures, for example the postural chain that runs from the top of the head to the toes.

 Several linked muscles over, a period of time, can often become too short, tight, weak, or even too strong. The aim of the method is therefore to rebalance these chains through stretching and loosening techniques.

The method is suitable for people who want to improve and balance their posture, for all physical problems like scoliosis, kyphosis, back pain, stiff neck etc) and for emotional and physical wellbeing in a holistic way. The Method was further developed by Dr Bertele a student and collaborator of Mezieres, a psychologist and physical therapy specialist and moto-rehabilitation expert.

Emma Diani was trained in the Mezieres method in a direct chain from Dr Bertele to the person who taught her, with just a few people between them.

She is also a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Massage Practitioner. See her profile to find out more.

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