Reflexology Hot Stone Treatments

Reflexology using hot stones at Shine health & beauty salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

A luxurious relaxing treatment incorporating basalt stones and balm lotion within your reflexology treatment. The stones are used on the legs and the feet to give a deeper treatment which relaxes and releases tension in the muscles and reflex points.

This ancient healing art uses various massage techniques to relax and rebalance the body. The heat from the stones may penetrate a deep level and reach up to 7-8cms into the superficial layer of the muscle bringing improved internal energy flow (Chi) and overall health.

Calming, therapeutic foot treatments 

*Only recommended after the third trimester of pregnancy. This treatment is not suitable for those with dermatitis, heart disease or high blood pressure.

hot stone reflexology


  • Book a pre-paid package
  • 1. 3 treatments for £175 (save £20)
  • 2. 6 treatments for £340 (save £50)
  • 3. 10 treatments for £580 (save £70)

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