Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Facial

Ayurvedic Facial Treatments Shine Health & Beauty Salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

At Shine our we are specialists in Ayurvedic facials that nourish and exfoliate your skin leaving it naturally glowing.

Using the finest Tri-Dosha quality skincare products our skilled therapists at our Church Street salon in Stoke Newington & Newington Green health & beauty salon are specially trained in Ayurvedic techniques that will loosen up your pores and remove impurities from your skin.

Tri-Dosha unique skin care products

Tri-Dosha products use Ayurvedic herbs mixed with pure aromatic blends to produce high quality, safe, natural therapeutic and ethically-made products.

Harnessing the power of Tri-Dosha’s pure range of Ayurvedic natural products made from wild grown medicinal herbs, this is a facial that goes beyond the norm.

Your experienced therapist will gently cleanse your skin before carrying out an Ayurvedic facial massage that will boost energy flow to your face. 

You are then treated to a relaxing soft facial scrub using aromatic skincare products that have been formulated with powerful ingredients including kutki and fitkari.

Enjoy a soothing head massage and allow our team of experts to whisk away your stresses… 

Natural skincare masks

Whilst you relax and experience a pampering foot and leg massage that will ease tired, achy muscles, a face mask of neem and sandalwood is left to soak in to your skin and work its magic.

During your facial you will feel yourself de-stress and unwind thanks to the special massaging techniques used over marma points on your face.

Your skin will be left looking fresh, moisturised and revitalised promoting balance which in turn is an anti-ageing benefit.

Is an ayervedic facial suitable for my skin type?

This unique rejuvenating facial service is suitable for all skin types including probematic skin.

Before we carry out your facial service we will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire to aid us in finding your unique dosha skin type enabling us to use the right products for you.
For more information go to Ayurveda for today.

Only available with Georgie Chester

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