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Yoga at Shine health & beauty salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

Yoga is not only a practice but a way of life. Whether you have been practicing for years or this is your first time on a yoga mat here at Shine you will find the space and encouragement to understand just how much yoga can enhance your life

During these sessions you can begin to deepen your self-awareness and mindfulness whilst embodying the balance and calm that you create with your practice.

What can yoga help me with?

Are you looking for ways to help cope with the anxieties of everyday life?
Are you a mother-to-be looking for support during pregnancy and after?
Do you and your partner want to embark on an intimate journey together?
Are you an avid sports person looking to improve your game or technique?
Maybe you would like assistance developing a home practice?

What are the benefits of yoga?

Whatever you are looking for we can work together to create the perfect practice for you.
The benefits of yoga can be felt almost immediately. Below are just a few of these benefits:

  • Release from tension, fatigue and stress
  • Deepening of self-awareness and creating space to build self-confidence
  • Improvement of core stability, flexibility and balance
  • Connection to intuition and inner stillness
  • Wellbeing and ease in everyday life
  • Improvement in athletics and sport

Although many of us are familiar with group classes, yoga was traditionally passed from teacher to student on a one to one basis.  You can receive so much more from a one to one session and go much deeper into your practice.

Our dedicated teachers at Shine create a safe environment and a non-judgmental space to encourage self-study and growth. You can begin to release negative energy and bring an awareness to those formed habits, both emotional and physical, that hold you back in life.

With a playful practice you can move with curiosity and ease through the yoga positions. Becoming mindful of your breathing and energy throughout your practice can begin to bring you back to your true self.

These mindful yoga sessions are tailored to your needs and will leave you feeling lighter, calmer, and with a stronger understanding of how you want your life to be. And all this you discover for yourself with gentle and encouraging guidance through this age old tradition.

Yoga services available at Shine health & beauty salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

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Alex, London
My partner and I have been enjoying personal yoga sessions with Florentina for around a year now, and we are finding many benefits from the practise, both physical and mental. Tiny adjustments to the placement of fingers, toes etc that she recommends make previously unattainable postures possible (and sometimes even comfortable!) for me. I am enjoying much less shoulder and neck pain, less water retention and reduced PMS symptoms, increased flexibility, improved skin tone, and a calmer mind! Florentina is able to make a session into a strong cardiovascular workout or a deeply relaxing restorative experience, and all points inbetween. She has excellent knowledge of anatomy, and an abiding interest in using yoga to improve health and wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend Florentina's yoga classes!