David Godon

David’s journey into Shiatsu and bodywork stems from his interest and practice of Tai Chi. The positive health benefits, improvement of his wellbeing and the calming effects gained from practicing this gentle form of martial arts, is what kept him committed to Tai Chi. In wanting to extend this passion to a field that would benefit others, he came across Shiatsu through an evening class in 2009. From there, he trained at The London College of Shiatsu and graduated as a practitioner in 2012.

What David brings from his Tai Chi training into his practice is awareness and understanding of how energy (Qi) flows around the body through channels called meridians. Sometimes theses meridians can become blocked or stagnant, manifesting in the body forms of tension or stiffness. What Shiatsu does, is it allows energy to flow more smoothly, by applying gentle pressure to points along the body as well as through stretches. Shiatsu creates rebalancing on a physical level and also works on an emotional level, helping to calm the mind and create deep relaxation.

In broadening his knowledge as a practitioner, David also incorporates other forms of body and energy work into his practice such as Seiki, which works on the principle of working with the person’s breath. Also he uses Sotai, which assists with the structural realignment of the body through the form of gentle resistance exercises.

Another form of bodywork that David practices is Seated Acupressure Massage, with similar principles as Shiatsu, but treatments are performed on an ergonomically designed chair. David first started his training in Seated Acupressure at The Shiatsu College in 2014. He has since gone on to do further training from The Academy of OnSite Massage and qualified in 2017.

David is both a registered member of The Shiatsu Society and On Site Massage Association (OSMA).


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