David Godon

David graduated as a Practitioner from The London College of Shiatsu and has been practicing Shiatsu since 2012. His interest in Shiatsu was inspired by his development and practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He now applies their health benefits and principals of well being within his Shiatsu practice.

Shiatsu is a form of massage that is similar to acupressure, in the sense that pressure points are used within the treatment through the process of light pressure applied with the thumb. From time to time the flow of Qi (energy) can become blocked, manifesting itself in a form such as stress, anxiety, tension or stiffness within the body. The aim of a Shiatsu massage is to treat the person as a whole, through the form of gentle holding pressure and stretches, which stimulates the flow of Qi along the meridian lines in the body, as well aiding in relaxation and grounding. This in turns allows the bodies’ natural healing process to take place.

David currently volunteers part time at a Rehabilitation Centre, providing shiatsu treatments to clients recovering from either drug or alcohol addictions, as part of their recovery programme. He enjoys witnessing the benefits his clients can gain from receiving Shiatsu, as most of them have never had a treatment before.

In further developing his personal awareness as a Shiatsu practitioner, David is currently studying Seiki Shiatsu, a form of shiatsu that works along the principal of observing the clients energy through touch and resonance. The aim is not to alter what is found during the treatment, but too observe, allowing the body to find its own natural rhythm and balance. David is gradually incorporating Seiki Shiatsu into his main form of Shiatsu practice.

David is also a qualified Seat Acupressure practitioner, who is able to adapt treatments to suit the client’s needs whether it is in a massage chair or a normal chair.