Emma Diani

Emma is a qualified physiotherapist and massage therapist with many years of experience with chronic injuries and pain. She also specialises in the renowned Mezieres method in postural re-education to treat spinal issues through various stretching exercises for all muscles. She has lots of experience treating patients of all ages with scoliosis and kyphosis. This method takes a holistic approach by improving physical and emotional wellbeing.

Emma specializes in medical lymphatic drainage, the Dr Vodder method and is registered in Aidmov association in Lausanne, to be able to treat all problems related to bad circulation, inflammation post cancer treatment or surgery.

She also worked in top luxury spas in Italy and abroad giving pampering, holistic massages. She is therefore a very gifted Practitioner in practical, medical, structural and relaxing treatments.

Emma Diani was trained in the Mezieres method in a direct chain from the creator to the person who taught her, with just a few people between. She has been a qualified Physiotherapist in Italy for over 20 years. Currently her qualifications are not recognised in their current translation and it is taking time to convert them to be recognised. So in the meantime whilst she cannot be booked as a Physiotherapist, she is covered by the FHT to offer all of her other skills. Ie Physical re-education through the method, plus massage and lymphatic drainage.

As well as working at Shine, Emma currently volunteers at St Joseph Hospice as a Therapist.

Emma is a registered Member of FHT – The Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Holistic Massage    Deep Tissue   Indian Head Massage   Sports massage    Lymphatic Drainage    Reflexology    Postural Re-Education