Florentina Lam-Clark

sh_health_aromatherapy4_280Professionally qualified since 1996, Florentina is a multi-disciplinary practitioner skilled in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Pregnancy treatments, Zero Balancing, Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, yoga and meditation.

The massage she provides is a fusion of healing, mindfulness, aromatherapy to delight the senses, zero balancing to stretch, align and integrate physical and energy aspects of being. She also includes reflex point work to access nerve and energy pathways, a meld of slow, deep and soothing massage techniques to work mindfully and powerfully on all levels of being.

She is also a Yoga Teacher and a Meditation teacher and teaches weekly Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Pranayama and meditation at Yogahome and Hot yoga at Triyoga. She provides 1:1 yoga sessions at Shine holistic.

Her experience and skills mean that she has access to a wide range of tools that help in treating all levels of being. She thrives on helping people recover from the physical aspect of injury or illness,  and is skilled in helping to alleviate mental and emotional stress.

She listens to client’s needs and is able to tailor the treatment accordingly and works with focus, care and attention, giving nourishing and healing treatments.

Flo provides private yoga sessions at Shine.
1-2-1 Yoga: 1 hour is £60, 90 mins is £85.00.
See her website for more details: www.florentinalamclark.com

Florentina is also now trained in Sound healing with Himalayan Singing bowls. You can book your 1-2-1 session with Flo today, by emailing her directly or calling our Front of House Team on 0207 241 5033.

Aromatherapy   Deep Tissue   Reiki    Holistic Massage
Lymphatic Drainage    Yoga


110 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
Sarah Tinsley
Wonderful aromatherapy massage with Florentina. I arrive feeling tight and knotted up and leave feeling relaxed, looser, and feeling lovely. Always a treat. Sarah, London.
Salon Review
Alex, London
My partner and I have been enjoying personal yoga sessions with Florentina for around a year now, and we are finding many benefits from the practise, both physical and mental. Tiny adjustments to the placement of fingers, toes etc that she recommends make previously unattainable postures possible (and sometimes even comfortable!) for me. I am enjoying much less shoulder and neck pain, less water retention and reduced PMS symptoms, increased flexibility, improved skin tone, and a calmer mind! Florentina is able to make a session into a strong cardiovascular workout or a deeply relaxing restorative experience, and all points inbetween. She has excellent knowledge of anatomy, and an abiding interest in using yoga to improve health and wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend Florentina's yoga classes!
Salon Review
I had the most rotten migraine for 2 days and after I couldn't take any more medication I thought I would make an appointment to see Florentina Lam-Clark for a massage. Previously I had reflexology with Flo which was amazing so I knew her healing hands might be able to help shift this migraine! I dragged myself up to Shine with the migraine where after the massage with Flo I felt totally relieved and relaxed from the pain! It was like a small miracle for me. Flo is one of those amazing human beings that have the ability to heal the mind body and soul.


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