Imre Pozsonyi

Imre Pozsonyi BA(Hons), MA, Dip O.T,ITEC, (CRB) has over 18 years experience as a therapist in England both in clinical settings as well as in exclusive spa environments. He works with children and adults of any age offering Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Imre also studied Occupational Therapy at the London Hospital Medical College and has participated in research relating to the psychological aspects of massage, touch and touch deprivation.

sg_health_structural_integration1_280His experience as  a Mental Health Occupational Therapist has helped him to specialise in Holistic Massage with psychological, emotional conditions. The principles of this type of massage are based on the assumption that not only is memory held in the brain but also in the muscles and tissues of the body. This unique style of massage uses touch, rhythm, movement, stretching and holding and can induce deep relaxation. This in turn can promote a sense of freedom and well-being both on a physical and emotional level.

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