Jade Goacher

Jade will return to treat at Shine in the Autumn of 2021

With over ten years of experience, Jade uses a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue massage techniques as well as rhythm mobility, passive joint mobilisation, stretches, trigger point therapy and guided breath work with a main aim to provide people with the space and opportunity to step away from the world for a while, to rest and to be still.

From first-hand experience Jade knows how important and beneficial regular massage is, and how it can benefit people on many levels. She finds it deeply rewarding that she is able to assist people looking for non medicinal ways to relieve physical aches and pains, and also emotional strains and tensions. Her work supports people in taking positive steps towards a better understanding of the dialogue between body and mind.

Jade is dedicated, attentive and sensitive when working with people who want to incorporate massage into their lives as a way to help manage stress and anxiety, and to ease many forms of chronic pain.

Jade is experienced in:

Therapeutic massage | deep tissue massage | Hands Free massage | Hot stones massage | body stretching | rhythm mobility | passive joint mobilisation | Trigger point work | pregnancy and postnatal massage |side-lying massage.

Holistic    Pregnancy / Postnatal   Deep Tissue

123 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
I met Jade a year ago when I was looking for someone who specialises in a holistic practice and found exactly what I was looking for. Jade's sensitive and consultative approach before each treatment helps to pinpoint the area(s) of focus each time, and as a result the treatment becomes tailored and responsive to what is occurring in my body. She has helped me relieve my stress levels, enhance my energy levels, address areas of tension in my back, and find a deeper sense of relaxation and grounding. She has a wonderful ability to tune in to the body and this connection enables it to be a fundamentally valuable part of my preventative health strategy. Whether you wish to focus on one issue or generally support your wellbeing, I would unequivocally recommend engaging Jade – Evelyn , London