Katrina Miles

Katrina will return to treat at Shine from the Winter of 2020

Katrina’s interest in the physical being and bodily awareness comes from a background in performance, having trained in physical theatre at degree and postgraduate level. Out of this gsh_health_aromatherapy1_280rew a love of yoga and later a career as a massage therapist.

She has received comprehensive training from the prestigious Jing Institute of Advanced Massage and has most recently completed the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist certificate, an expansive training which encompasses the treatment of pain conditions and injury both acute and chronic.

As a therapist Katrina has a focus on relieving pain and promoting wellbeing. She is committed to expanding her skill set and advancing her knowledge in order to provide the most effective yet nurturing treatments possible. To achieve this she draws from many disciplines and soft tissue techniques, including: holistic, deep tissue and clinical massage; myofascial release and stretching; plus Eastern and energy techniques such as amma and acupressure and reflexology.

Katrina weaves techniques together using a fusion of intuition and sound academic knowledge to create a unique treatment within an outcome based framework, whether it be:
–    supporting the healing process; injury or stress recovery
–    a specific or targeted treatment for muscle pain/tension
–    restoration of physical/emotional easesh_health_pregnancymassage
–    management of an ongoing pain condition
–    increased bodily awareness and functionality
–    maintenance of health and general wellbeing
or simply somewhere to find space to pause and breathe.

Since becoming a mother in 2012 Katrina has a special interest in treating both pre and postnatally – providing support for the ever changing demands placed on a woman physically and emotionally throughout these special and sometimes difficult times. Ideally you would book for 90minutes, especially for your first treatment, but of course if all you have is an hour, you will still be in for a fantastic treat and a productive session.

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