Madelene Webb

 I had my first Alexander lesson in 1989, on the advice of the osteopath who was treating me for a posture related condition.I am now extremely grateful to this osteopath who could see that, in order to resolve the problem, I needed to get to the underlying cause of my trouble. He therefore closed my case and referred me on to a local Alexander Technique Teacher .

As my Alexander lessons progressed my pain reduced, my posture improved and I began to enjoy the benefits to my overall wellbeing. I started to understand the importance of The Alexander Technique which was developed by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955).

sh_health_alexander_tehcnique8_280I began my training to become an Alexander Technique Teacher in 1994 and qualified from my three year, full time training at a STAT approved course in Greater London in 1997. I am now a teaching member of STAT-The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique.

I work in private practices in London and Kent, giving one to one lessons and introductory workshops. I am the Alexander Teacher at a media company in central London. I have taught in adult education and also with BackCare UK.

I was a participating teacher in a major clinical trial proving long-term benefits of Alexander Technique lessons for people suffering from chronic or recurrent ‘postural’ back pain. The research paper was published in The British Medical Journal in 2008.

I find my work very enjoyable, offering pupils a quality of ‘hands on’ contact and verbal guidance that helps them to notice and undo the mental and physical habits that may be limiting their performance or underlying certain problems.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Alexander Technique has improved the quality of my own life- enhancing my enjoyment of activities like walking and cycling and swimming, helping me in learning new skills like windsurfing and sailing and giving me an opportunity to respond differently in challenging or stressful situations.