Myriam Rees

Myriam Rees first trained in massage nearly thirty years ago and, following a career in community development, has been running her own Holistic and Aromatherapy Massage business for over a decade. Myriam’s main therapeutic practice is Shiatsu, the principles of which she integrates into all her work, creating a treatment tailored to the needs of the client in the moment, whether oil massage on a couch or over-the-clothes work on a futon.

She is always deeply happy when people appreciate the versatility and magic of Shiatsu, which represents great value as it works simultaneously on a number of levels, and can be dynamic or profoundly relaxing, according to need.

She trained with the British School of Shiatsu-Do for her foundation year, completing her subsequent three years of basic training with Ki Kai Shiatsu College. She has done two post graduate years, in pregnancy work with Suzanne Yates, Well Mother, and in Movement Shiatsu with Bill Palmer. The latter uses a non-judgemental, client-centred approach and is very effective for those engaged in their own spiritual development and pro-active process work. It combines classical Shiatsu with Chi Qong and spontaneous movement (cf.; Myriam also integrates martial arts exercises from her own practice to facilitate embodiment, as and when appropriate (she is an Aikido Shodan, and teaches the children’s class at Moving East).

Myriam also offers pregnancy massage including showing the birth partner supportive techniques and birth preparation, if desired, and working with mother and baby after the birth.


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