Rita Employed

Rita came to London with the ambition to learn English but she soon found herself curios about the world of hairdressing. She began working at Shine as an assistant and then went on to complete her training with us.  Years of hard work, effort and perseverance paid off.

8 years on,  Rita perfectioned her techniques and she is now one of our Principal Hair Stylist. 

Rita is always seeking perfection in cutting and colouring. Her strengths lie within her ability to listen and an attention to detail, used to achieve that special extra something for her customers. She delivers the full experience, not just with well executed technical skills but caring how your hair looks long after you leave the salon. She is passionate about advising on how you can best look after your hair at home.

She enjoys the professional environment at Shine and most of all loves being a part of our team.
“It is the people, each one with their own story. It is warmth, comfort, fun and friendships, it means a lot to me”