Vincenzo began his hairdressing career in the town of Borgo di Aversa, Italy, in a barber shop at the tender age of just 13. As a highly motivated, driven and focused individual, Vincenzo spent almost five years in his first salon, collecting experience and mastering his own skills. For him, styling hair is a true passion, much more than just a job. In southern Italy the skills of a Barber are considered to be a form of worship.

When he was almost 18 he moved to Porto Sant’ Elpidio, where he added in the skills of women’s hairdressing, learning new techniques and reinforcing his skills.

The real challenge for Vincenzo was leaving his home town and the move to London. In March 2013 he began working for Shine as an assistant. What he personally discovered is a completely new and wider view of  his passion. This is what he always considered to be his bigger dream, and now it is has come true.
Vincenzo completed his training with us in 2015 and is fast building a loyal following, with superb barbering skills and precision in all areas, he is one of our rising stars.

My Reviews

Lesley Thompson
A wonderful, friendly, welcoming place, both for hair and holistic treatments. I've always had good experiences over several years, and with a number of different stylists and therapists. My current favourite hair stylist is Vincenzo, but alas he's going back to Italy before long. Five stars also for Marta and Dovile for hair, and Sophie for massage. The experience that really stands out, though, is going through cancer treatment 5 years ago, and visiting Shine to have my hair firstly cut short, then shaved as the remains fell out due to chemotherapy, then eventually restyled as it grew back in. Throughout, everyone was unfailing kind and sensitive, and I was (and remain) so grateful to you for your support during a difficult time.
Thanks for such a lovely heart felt review Lesley, we are so proud to be able to offer support to our customers through all their life stages, difficult and joyous. Shine has become my family over the years and I am over joyed when others have a similar supportive experience.