The Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Treatment

To help acne prone skin to repair, strengthen and give long-term support to create a healthy complexion.
The gentle yet deeply-acting Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Treatment uses special techniques to initiate healing of blemishes while stimulating the internal functions which feed and nourish the skin cells. Treatment begins with a sage foot bath. On the face, aromatherapy compresses warm the skin to aid effective cleansing. A herbal steam bath softens pores in preparation for the deep-cleansing clay mask, which absorbs excess oil. Blemishes and blackheads are visibly reduced. Fundamental to the skin’s repair is the reawakening of the lymphatic system to aid essential waste removal. Blemished skin responds well to this healing stimulus and will feel soothed and purified.
A personalised home care routine maintains the positive response.