RESOLUTIONS: A new perspective.

A lot of people don’t bother with resolutions, they say if I don’t already do it, there’s no point setting myself up for disappointment so early on in the year!

So what if it’s about how we angle it?

So many resolutions we set are based upon our outward appearance or level of success:

Lose Weight

Get the Promotion

Find the Partner


We are perfectly adaptable to change. We are also capable of learning and self-discipline, but when our resolutions come from a place of stress, guilt or great expectation for external things to manifest, they can soon overwhelm us. When they come from self-love and compassion for others, anything is possible.

By making healthy choices and finding ways to relieve stress to the best of our ability, all of these ideals may reach fruition but as a natural symptom of positive action. Often when we make the weight, approval, or attainment the aim, it can become a commitment that we soon lose heart with.

If we set a goal of a simple daily shift towards drinking more water, eating more fresh produce and getting outside more on our lunch breaks, we could be more likely to lose weight as a result of our improved habits. We could also have more vitality and energy. We would become more focused and proactive at work and therefore could become more on track for a promotion.

Are you feeling this angle?


How about the Partner…? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing is more attractive than a healthy, happy human being. Skin is the last thing to receive nutrients from what we eat, it is therefore a great indicator of health. So again, feed yourself the cleanest food and drink to greatly improve the quality of your skin.

Nourish yourself with fresh air and plenty of fun with friends to really shine. Often the person that is ideal for you is found when you are in your element in life, not looking for or needing anyone. Having fun is about the most incredible thing to experience and is extremely attractive to witness. So how about this year you do all the things that make you happy? Join that dance class, go on more country walks, sign up for that course you’ve been thinking about. Whatever it is, do it. You will open yourself up to new ideas, views, experiences and people. Sound good?


How are you at sticking to the Dry January idea?

A dry January can be a great way to start the year afresh. If you find that you tend to drink over the recommended unit allowance per day, which is 2-3 for women and 3-4 for men, you may feel a bit of a crash from the withdrawal, this can be due to the amount of sugar you ingest through alcohol. Having plenty of fruit can be a great way to satiate the sugar loss without spiking your blood sugar levels and adding to more crashes.

Dry January Ambassador Dr Amber Appleton cites the most commonly reported benefits of an alcohol-free month as: “Better sleep and ability to concentrate, more energy, a more stable mood, weight loss, improved digestion, better immunity and better skin.”

“If your liver doesn’t have to process alcohol, it will have more reserve to perform its many other functions, such as converting food to energy, fighting infection and storing minerals and essential vitamins, more efficiently.”

If you think that you may have a problem with alcohol or go through serious withdrawal when you stop, it is important to contact your Dr for advice to stop safely. Also you can look at getting support from reputable organisations such as

Drinking alcohol can cause dehydration, which is draining energetically, so drinking plenty of water and herbal teas is an effective way to replenish.


So forget all the lists, the pressures and the resolutions. Just make fresh air, fresh food, fresh water and fun your goal for 2016. Open the doors to optimum health and everything else will follow.

Here’s to an incredible 2016!


By Sophie McNicholas – Massage Practitioner and Clinic Manager.