October Promotions

October Promotions

Massage Therapy with Omer Harpaz

Massage can aid in the enhancement of well being, energy, flexibility and even happiness, as it helps to produce all the happy hormones that the sun may not provide as much this month!

Omer is offering Massage treatments this for less this October

60mins for just £55 (usually £65 )





Aromatherapy with Florentinash_health_massage-aromatherapy_5245_sq

Essential oils have the power to enliven the senses if you’re feeling sluggish and relax them,  if you’re feeling stressed.

To learn how best to use essential oils at home, read Florentina’s article below.

Florentina is offering Aromatherapy treatments this month

60 mins for £60 ( usually £65 )





sh_health_pregnancymassage4_280Pregnancy Massage with Katrina Miles

Through the most treasured and challenging time that your body goes through, getting massage support can ease you in to all the alterations you experience.

Pregnancy massage with Katrina

90mins for £80 (usually £90)