The creative career change from Stylist to Reflexologist.

The creative career change from Stylist to Reflexologist.


I started a career in hairdressing because I loved the creativity of the job but my main draw was the satisfaction of making people feel great.

Through the joy of that, I knew I wanted to make people feel happy on a deeper level.

I sampled various holistic treatments in order to connect with one that would be my stepping stone to becoming a wellbeing practitioner.



Reflexology was by far the one I resonated with the most and qualified doing facial, foot and hand reflexology. From that point on I explored Reiki and energy healing.
Through years of being a client and then working with many talented people, I have collected various tools that enable me to assist my clients in their own healing evolution. I have gratefully studied, lived and breathed a combination of medical, shamanic, spiritual and alternate techniques, devising my own approach in the healing arts.


People often ask me what do I actually do?

The definition of my work; is that I assist the client in facilitating their own healing. It’s like showing them a doorway but it is them who choose to walk through it; I never over step the law of free will.
When I treat a client, each session is tailored to the energy that I tune into at that moment, I work through the auric field and then on the physical body. I believe that this is how to get the best out of a treatment. Dis

-ease manifests in the luminous energy field and then in the body, so I approach my healings working with both for a better result in balancing the client giving them assistance in healing. In essence, I channel energy acting as a conduit for the client’s wellbeing.

I’m currently planning a journey to central China where I will spend a few months with three different groups of Chan Buddist monks. I will be immersed living in their culture gathering information and techniques to write my first book, but mainly to grasp a better understanding of the eastern approach of energy, healing and body movement.
My aim after that is to travel to Chile in South America to complete a Shamanic energy medicine course and on my return I would like to host talks and workshops regarding all that I have absorbed.



My work is my passion and the seminars and materials I connect with help me live a fulfilled life and be of better service to others. Currently, my weekly sessions with the Chan monks ignite the fire deep inside me which truly inspires me to live to my fullest potential.

I am a seeker, and constantly looking for knowledge and infusing my soul with inspirational tools. It’s the thirst of the ever evolving research in the medical, alternate and spiritual arena that drives me on and keeps me enthused.

I weave what I have learned into my hairdressing and holistic practice to give my clients a wellbeing service that hopefully gives them joy and wellbeing on many dimensions. I truly love being of service to happiness.


What I am offering in March 2016.

As a wellbeing promotion for March I would like to offer a 30minute free facial reflexology taster when booking an hour foot reflexology session. It will be a 90minute session starting with a rejuvenating face treatment followed immediately with foot reflexology.

Facial Reflexology is a holistic treatment is to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. As well as improved glowing appearance, the recipient of a session will feel de-stressed and relaxed. It works by refining the blood circulation and nerve conduction in the multiple nerves and blood vessels in the face, encouraging the release of harmful toxins and waste products via the lymphatic system.

The actual face reflexology sequence encourages oxygenation of the skin tissues and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential for improving the quality and appearance of the skin. Reflex points corresponding to different organs of the body rebalance the body systems and help clear blockages in the energy pathways known as zones or meridians. These points almost instantly produce endorphins leaving the recipient with a feeling of wellbeing.
The treatment includes massage techniques from three ancient healing traditions, Chinese, Vietnamese and Andean tribal body energy meridians and acupuncture points which assist on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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