3rd Myth: “It is not for Men”

Fact: Some men think they either don’t have a pelvic floor or don’t need to exercise their pelvic floor muscles. Wrong! Men do have PF muscles and they too can benefit from exercising them. A very welcome benefit is the ability to have and maintain a strong erection. Contrary to popular belief, men do not automatically lose this ability, even at a mature age. The PF exercises also massage the prostate which is beneficial for prostate health. Many men have haemorrhoids – the exercises are great for this problem, too.

Other signs of weak pelvic floor muscles in men are:

Last drops of urine discharge slowly or involuntarily
Stream of urine and the release of semen becoming less powerful
The angle of the erection becoming lower
Erection and ejaculation becoming difficult to control
Many men have found that regular PF exercises can help with these problems.

Livia Nemeth