Salon Reviews

Salon Reviews
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111 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
Sarah Lipschitz
Out of this world experience.Been going to another place for many years but nothing compared to the treatment I have received at Shine.Just to add that Mahab warmth and care enhanced the treatment received. Looking forward to return.
Salon Review
I'm so proud of being a Shine customer! The salon today was SO amazing, considering that this is new for everyone and a really worrying time. I felt so absolutely looked after. The lovely Shine team were (this is a compliment!) like the best possible Harley Street nurses - charming, helpful, and professionally focused on giving the best customer experience, whilst at the same time keeping everyone safe. Kate was of course her normal, brilliant self (so glad to get my hair back to an acceptable standard) and it was so good to be back. I know what a huge effort this has been, in the exceptionally difficult Covid-19 circumstances, and you have done wonderfully. I can't wait for us to get back to normal, but for now please be assured that your team are setting the standard for everyone else.
Thanks Lucy,
Salon Review
I visited Shine a few months ago after my regular salon closed down - I was quite happy with my previous salon, so I was nervous about having to test a few places to see if any would offer similar quality services in Stoke Newington. I was lucky enough to book in for a hair colour treatment with Jennifer - a stylist who has been with the salon for a fair number of years and is incredibly nice and skilled. Jennifer is excellent in both colour treatments and cuts and has a calm, laid-back attitude. Further, the salon’s approach to sustainability and natural products is definitely a big plus. Thankfully I didn’t have to look into any other salons, I will be sticking with this one - thank you Jennifer!
Salon Review
C, London
When I spoke to Michelle about some gut problems and feeling constantly bloated she pointed out some things in my ‘ healthy ‘ diet that I should cut down on, like grains, flour and fruit. When she told me the amount of sugar I was consuming in fruit would mean I would not be burning fat properly it was like the penny finally dropping, as I lead a very active lifestyle but I was piling weight on. She also suggested intermittent fasting which I embraced with very little effort and miraculously I dropped a stone in 5 weeks with a few minor changes, and generally felt like my energy levels had been restored. I can’t thank her enough and I absolutely recommend!
Salon Review
BM, Cheshire
Following my consultation with Michelle she provided me with an in depth nutritional analysis which was both fascinating and enlightening, easy to understand and to use in everyday food planning. Michelle is warm and personable and easy to talk to, whilst being extremely knowledgeable and professional. The advice and guidelines that she gave me have now become the basis of my eating patterns and I can honestly say that my ‘gut health’ has never been better, resulting in more energy, better sleep and general improved well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and her delicious recipes.
Salon Review
M, London
Working with Michelle has been a real pleasure - her approach to nutrition combines rigor and passion for science with a very down-to-earth attitude. She had many useful tips and showed me that eating well did not have to be complicated. I would definitely recommend her.
Salon Review
H, London
I came to Michelle having recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Her manner is lovely and I felt in safe hands straight away. She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive - taking the time to work out what changes would work for me in the long term to support my recovery.
Salon Review
John Hartley
If you haven’t tried Shiatsu before then a visit to Alice could change everything. Alice is a expert and the experience is so relaxing I almost fell asleep (in fact I actually did). The treatment is really gentle but afterwards the pains and stiffness I felt were completely gone. If it were as if Alice melted them away with her hands and without any discomfort to me. From being s sceptic I am now an avid fan and couldn’t recommend Alice’s treatment enough - John Hartley Company Director
Salon Review
Zan Barberton
Alice gave a treatment to one of my children some years ago, and it really helped with the issue, and he also absolutely loved it! I have also received treatments from her which have been excellent. - Zan Barberton Film Maker and Company DIrector
Salon Review
Nicky Smith
Totally recommend shiatsu with Alice. It's a little slice of calm and healing in a busy life, which has helped me with physical aches and pains (stiff neck, sore shoulder) and also helped me find peace and tranquility through a period of grief and sadness. Magical, mysterious and good for me, so very happy to recommend! - Nicky Smith PR Company Owner
Salon Review
Sarah Hayward-Broomfield
I have been recommending Alice's treatments for years as they really work wonders! I first visited her with a chequered history of multiple horse riding accidents and a rear end shunt in a car and over a course of treatments, was put completely back on track! Shiatsu is a wonderful form of therapy and Alice is an expert. As well as being a great listener and helping you release all those tensions and calm down, Alice will make you feel much better! Thank you Alice! Sarah Hayward-Broomfield Photographer and Business Woman
Salon Review
Sanita, London, United Kingdom
Valina is one of those people, who come into your life like a blessing. Valina is my life guide and I would call even one of my life angels who I can fully trust. Working with Valina has improved my relationship with myself and others. She is a very attentive listener, and, in her sessions, I can feel how much she loves and is passionate for what she does. After our sessions, I always feel grounded and see things more clearly. I feel nurtured by Valina. She is a highly skilled, caring and loving person/ life coach. I couldn't recommend Valina, highly enough. Thank you!
Salon Review
Sophie, Sweden
Valina gently but assertively guided me from feeling stuck and limited, to reaching for my dream in a very short space of time. She gave me practical goals to get me there and a no judgment, level of support with a very complicated family dynamic. She taught me to break out of my negativity bias and to ask for what i truly want. I thought I had to quit the job to reach the dream and it turned out that I could have both. I now write this sitting in the Swedish countryside, having cultivated the work / life / creative balance I have always yearned for.
Salon Review
Gerda, London, United Kingdom
Being a person who nearly believes in paranormal but always found coaching a somewhat unreliable, manipulative type of a treatment, I could not imagine trying myself, I had to swallow my words when I met Valina. I witnessed her achieving the goal to become a life coach; not only was I inspired by her journey and the hard work she put into it, but also, I was given a wonderful opportunity to participate in a few sessions myself. And how happy and thankful I am it happened! After our very first session, we both saw and felt quite an immense change, it was transformative; I was feeling much better mentally, even physically. Being able to open up without feeling embarrassed or misjudged, feeling so comfortable and comforted is a main key to find, face and start dealing with the issues which were weighing my shoulders down for years. The calm, pressure-free yet empowering approach and techniques Valina uses, help me up to this day and will do in the foreseeable future.
Salon Review
Sajid Ahamed, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Coach Valina, you are a high-power coach. My experience with you was simply transformational. Every session I had with you, helped me to uncover my hidden potentials and reach new heights in my life. You helped me to resolve some serious crisis with my partners and we became a team from just business partners. You helped with my relationship and filled it with passion. You held my hands and made me walk through barriers I imagined, and I was able to take the best decision yet in my career. Thank you, Coach, you are a real magician with your empowering questions and intuition.
Salon Review
Natalie, Edinburgh, Scotland
Valina is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We connected immediately. What is special about her is that you can completely trust that she is fully present with you every time she coaches you. It is a joy to speak to a coach who has her degree of presence and intuition. She was able to see through the story I was telling her, by recognising and challenging my underlying blocks/fears, and was able to reconnect me with my passion. On many occasions she has been able to reconnect me to my values and focus my scattered mind to what actually matters. I have complete trust in her investment in me and my growth, and in her confidentiality. This means that I feel safe exploring the parts of myself that are difficult to explore alone under her guidance. She never fails is direct me to new insights about myself and my life, which inevitably lead to a feeling of growth and progress and joy. Thank you Valina
Salon Review
Lucy, Birmingham
‘I originally came to Anna in the middle of a dark depression – I was on Prozac and knew I wanted to get off them as soon as possible but was really nervous. With treatment, I got stronger and was able to come off the drugs in 3 months. 3 months later I moved out of London and started a whole new life. Anna was kind and compassionate and I can’t thank her enough for her invaluable help in a really dark time in my life’
Salon Review
Jayne, London
Anna treated me after pregnancy losses and ensuing fertility problems. I do not believe I would have my little boy if I had not been treated by Anna. She is a master with the needles, has a depth of understanding that few possess not only with acupuncture but with her understanding of the pain and loss that accompanies fertility issues . She is warm and wise – a truly special find.
Salon Review
Bernice, South East London
‘When I began acupuncture with Anna Bernard two years ago I was suffering severely from very regular migraines: 2–3 days a week. I now haven’t one for over a year. Anna’s approach is more holistic: working on blockages, energy levels, etc. Just as importantly has been the time spent talking through the possible source of the problem. This has been invaluable and something one could never expect from a medical practitioner. The aim, in other words, has been to go to the root of the problem. For me, this has had fantastic results."
Salon Review
so I just wanted to leave some feedback regarding my recent experience at Shine Holistic. I’d been in a few times before and initially had my consultation back in June I think? I came in to ask if they could restore my complete mess of a hair. It was so dry, damaged and the colour was awful as I’d been on and off bleaching it at home over the years and allowed it to grow out for a year. At this point, I didn’t have much hope for my hair and just wanted it to look better than it was, and asked for my roots to get bleached up. With the help of the staff at Shine, I was feeling fairly happy with my hair again by the end of July. However – after my last visit, which was today, I am seriously over the moon with my hair and can honestly say I’ve never felt more confident with it. This is 10000000% due to Jessica. Throughout the appointment, she asked about the future I wanted for my hair (my hair goals), gave me plenty of advice on how to protect and care for it (because I’d really messed it up in the past) and kept making sure I was happy along every step of the way. One of the things that I really loved was that through every step, she’d explain what she was doing and what it would achieve so that I understood what was going on and felt super comfortable throughout all of it. I appreciate that put so much effort into getting my hair as perfect as possible and felt as though she went the extra mile in making it look so perfect where other hairdressers might have given up or not tried as hard. I think she’s full of creativity and energy and she displays that in what she does, I’m well happy with the result and honestly so many of my mates have said this is the best they’ve ever seen my hair. Being someone who had really bad hair when I’d initially come in, and hence had super bad confidence in my hair for so many years, and also was superrrr super nervous even coming into the salon each time because of the state my hair was in, I am incredibly grateful to the way in which Jessica boosted that confidence back into my hair. She was also so lovely to chat to, super chill and caring (I had a bit of a sick turn at some point) and I don’t see myself ever wanting to get my hair done with anyone else ever again. So yeah big up Jess she’s the absolute best I can’t stress enough x
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