Salon Reviews

Salon Reviews
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Salon Reviews

93 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review by Kay
so I just wanted to leave some feedback regarding my recent experience at Shine Holistic. I’d been in a few times before and initially had my consultation back in June I think? I came in to ask if they could restore my complete mess of a hair. It was so dry, damaged and the colour was awful as I’d been on and off bleaching it at home over the years and allowed it to grow out for a year. At this point, I didn’t have much hope for my hair and just wanted it to look better than it was, and asked for my roots to get bleached up. With the help of the staff at Shine, I was feeling fairly happy with my hair again by the end of July. However – after my last visit, which was today, I am seriously over the moon with my hair and can honestly say I’ve never felt more confident with it. This is 10000000% due to Jessica. Throughout the appointment, she asked about the future I wanted for my hair (my hair goals), gave me plenty of advice on how to protect and care for it (because I’d really messed it up in the past) and kept making sure I was happy along every step of the way. One of the things that I really loved was that through every step, she’d explain what she was doing and what it would achieve so that I understood what was going on and felt super comfortable throughout all of it. I appreciate that put so much effort into getting my hair as perfect as possible and felt as though she went the extra mile in making it look so perfect where other hairdressers might have given up or not tried as hard. I think she’s full of creativity and energy and she displays that in what she does, I’m well happy with the result and honestly so many of my mates have said this is the best they’ve ever seen my hair. Being someone who had really bad hair when I’d initially come in, and hence had super bad confidence in my hair for so many years, and also was superrrr super nervous even coming into the salon each time because of the state my hair was in, I am incredibly grateful to the way in which Jessica boosted that confidence back into my hair. She was also so lovely to chat to, super chill and caring (I had a bit of a sick turn at some point) and I don’t see myself ever wanting to get my hair done with anyone else ever again. So yeah big up Jess she’s the absolute best I can’t stress enough x
Salon Review by Philippa Kaufmann
Philippa Kaufmann
I went to Leon with a back problem that has troubled me for years. In a single session he identified the problem and gave me some exercises to work with at home. He didn't tell me that I needed to come back for a follow up, but left it to me to contact him if I felt the need. That single session has completely changed my attitude to my back. I'm no longer terrified when I feel it twinge that if I carry on exercising to keep fit it will lead to long term disaster. I now turn to the exercises he gave me to settle it and carry on. Brilliant.
Salon Review by Georgie Parry-crooke
Georgie Parry-crooke
Just back from my third colour and cut with Jessica and am happy! I really enjoy Jessica's approach and appreciation of what I want in relation to what she thinks will work! I've been a long term client of Shine over the years and pleased that I can keep coming back to find new and talented hairdressers. Thanks Jessica!
Thank you Georgie, We will be sure to pass on your kind words to Jessica and look forward to seeing you again soon.
Salon Review by Sophie
I had the most amazing massage with Charlotte! I honestly think it was the best massage I have ever had! Charlotte spent time with me at the beginning to discuss what I wanted out of my time which was both emotional and physical stress relief. I came away feeling soothed and relaxed. I can highly recommend Charlotte and I will be sure to book again!
Salon Review by SM
I had been through a major shift in my life, some great, some heartbreaking. I wasn't sleeping and i felt really uptight. Alfredo treated me with such care and consideration, I was able to really relax and let go. I slept 13hours that night. I would recommend him highly. S.M.
Thank you, we will pass on your kind words to Alfredo
Salon Review by Kathy Richardson
Kathy Richardson
Leon is a brilliantly skilled Osteopath. Whilst making you feel very cared for he also articulates what he is working on to help us understand our bodies better. As a dancer he is aware of the demands on the body and works with you to bring about ultimate function and comfort in movement, also suggesting exercises to do outside of the therapy room so you have knowledge to take away with you. Couldn't recommend enough
Salon Review by Olivia Doyle-Gray
Olivia Doyle-Gray
You know when you find your hairdresser and suddenly no one else could possibly ever touch your hair. Well thats what I’ve found in Johiem!!! I was recommended Johiem by one of my best friends and for the past 3 years he has been blowing my mind with every hair cut/ colour appointment I’ve had with him. Not only is he an absolute wizard with knowing what I want more than I do , but his company and customer service is second to none. He always goes above and beyond and makes your feel very special . Could not recommend him any higher.!!
Salon Review by Christine Hathway
Christine Hathway
So pleased to have found Leon. Whether it’s pain from stress, sport or long standing creakiness he’s always been able to help. I like his friendly and focused approach. An inspired and very effective osteopath.
Salon Review by Diana Anastasia
Diana Anastasia
Leon is a genius osteopath, intuitive and effective. I was recommended by a friend and I’ve been coming back since, I notice the biggest difference right away. Highly recommend
Salon Review by Sarah
I've been coming to Shine for over a decade, including since relocating to the SW. Today I was blown away by Johiem's skills, on so many levels. My 7yr old son is highly sensitive, incuding some sensory sensitivity, particularly with haircuts, I'm usually holding my breath when it's that time. We were in town this time & I thought we'd just break the routine (big risk) and see if Shine could help. What happened was quite extraordinary (for a Mum whose been holding breath, necessarily, over haircuts since haircuts began). My son felt so safe and at ease with Johiem, who was so gentle and easy, they just chatted, like you do (like he's never done before), and he ENJOYED it - that's above and beyond hairdressing with quite a bit of personal magic. I cannot thank you enough for that work, or for the lovely reception team who I spoke to and helped out so smoothly. Heartfelt thanks from one made-up Mumma.
Thanks Sarah, I will pass on your high praise to Johiem and the team. Many Thanks.
Salon Review by Caroline Hebbert
Caroline Hebbert
I had the most fantastic craniosacral treatment with Mattea last weekend. She quickly identified various niggles I'd been experiencing and really helped ease the stiffness and pain in my lower back and hip. The treatment was profoundly relaxing and re-energising at the same time, and I have slept much better this week. Mattea has such a gentle, calm manner too, which adds to the relaxing experience. Highly recommended!
Thanks Caroline, I will pass on your kind words to Mattea.
Salon Review by Desiree McDougall
Desiree McDougall
I had a great Osteo session with Leon Baugh. Thank you! I was also very impressed with the fact that there is Who Gives a Crap toilet paper (100 % bamboo and recycled toilet paper) and recyclable plastic bags in the bin in the toilet. Good to see a business with a conscience.
Salon Review by Felicity Evans
Felicity Evans
Can’t recommend Marian Fixler enough! I have received acupuncture from her to help me cope with a difficult time in my life and she has helped me unbelievable amounts! She also ran a group tapping session which was really powerful and gave me a tool to use daily to cope with general anxiety. Will definitely continue to see her!
Thanks Felicity, will pass on your kind words
Salon Review by Alison Poltock
Alison Poltock
I’ve been seeing Marian Fixler for acupuncture for some time and credit her completely with stabilising my health issues. I’ve not had much experience with complimentary therapies and would not have continued if I hadn’t been able to see/feel for myself the impact her treatments had on me. After years of ill health, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter in my mid 40s and Marian has since treated her too. Recently Marian ran a Tapping course which I decided to join. It was amazing how something so simple as tapping on key points on your body can have such a profound impact. I attended in the hope of managing some of my stress responses and ended up getting so so much more from it. It’s so easy, and once learnt you can utilise it whenever needed. I can’t believe that something so simple could be so powerful and I’m hugely grateful to Marian for introducing me to it. Thank you.
Thanks Alison.
Salon Review by Carla Octigan
Carla Octigan
I saw Magda for an overall check up of my abdominal health, she began by assessing a scar I have that goes across my stomach, hip to hip. I had felt that my scar was fine and not causing my any issues but that I had a recurring hip pain that was probably unrelated as it had started 2 years after my surgery. Magda could tell that the scar was some how grabbing my hip and through fairly gentle manipulation, released it. I have now been pain free for nearly 4 months, having had hip pain daily for 9months. She sorted out my neck at the same time, I highly recommend Magda for all and any pain, she is gentle and super caring to boot....
Salon Review by Nicola S
Nicola S
Joheim has been cutting and colouring my hair now for over a year and a half now - and I won't let anyone else touch it again! I always leave the salon with an exceptional style perfectly suited to my hair and lifestyle. As a bonus, he is so lovely and easy to get along with and a pleasure to see! Highly recommend
Salon Review by Brigitta
Ana has been very good at teaching me shiatsu on my son who has Asperger's/ADHD. He finds it relaxing and can sleep better after the shiatsu. Its a nice bond between me and him and makes the bedtime routine special. Ana has been patient and good at explaining what we are going to do and why we do it. She has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to pass it on to parents to help their children relax. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. - Brigitta, mum, London
Salon Review by Annie Jones
Annie Jones
Arranging your daughter’s wedding day make up and hair is a pleasure but also a pressure when she doesn’t live in the area. I use Shine for both hair and beauty so I got in touch with Sandro who arranged a trial day for my daughter. The two girls were great and very professional and ,y daughter was happy. On the big day they arrived on the dot and did a fantastic job she looked beautiful! Delighted Mum. Annie J
Salon Review by Anna Schroeder
Anna Schroeder
I have been coming to Shine since the salon started, always a lovely experience, then discovered the styling powress of Cinnamen - best hairdresser ever. It's over 10 years now and still every time I come out knowing she's made my hair look perfect. She never gets bored.
Salon Review by Rachel
Great salon, always have a good cut and colour here. Nothing to do with this particular salon, but why are women and girls charged more for a hair cut? Is it the same even if the woman has short hair? Just wondering...
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