Salon Reviews

Salon Reviews
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132 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Rachel Millward
This is a review for Osteopathy with Rehana Kapadia.... I've been going to this clinic to have Cranial Osteopathy with the wonderful Rehana Kapadia, for well over a decade. When I started seeing Rehana, I was in my 20s, and experiencing debilitating chronic pain, struggling with mobility, going through major corrective surgeries. Rehana's treatments were safe, when very little was - I am always absolutely confident that she won't trigger a flare up or push my body to do something it isn't ready for. She is gentle in all the ways! And incredibly intelligent, knowledgable and intuitive in the best way - with bags of humility. Over the years I've really appreciated the trust and respect which developed. I came with very complex problems - no one thing could fix them, but I am now free of pain and immobility most of the time, and have a much, much easier life! Rehana treated me through two pregancies and post partum phases, and now treats both my daughters, meeting and treating them on their first day of life! They both really look forward to their termly treatment... they know it will make them feel much easier in their bodies afterwards. If anyone is ill, or has an infection or injury, Rehana is our first port of call. She's helped with ear infections, allergies, bad backs, teething... Massively recommended!
Thanks Rachel
Salon Review
Jenny Cosgrave
My first visit to Shine and I’m so thrilled with my hair! So grateful to Jennifer - I came in with blonde hair in desperate need of colour correction, with banding around the roots and a lot of different colours going on. We discussed the best options for me and she totally understood what I was looking for straight away. I left, with a perfect creamy blonde bob and my hair in great condition thanks to the treatment she recommended. So happy, Thanks Jennifer, you saved my hair!!
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Alison Whyte
Eva cut my hair for the first time recently and everyone has been complementing me on my hair ever since. Eva was incredibly professional and took time to talk to me about styling and was very focused and attentive.. I was delighted and would highly recommend Eva. It is definitely one of the best haircuts I have ever had.
Salon Review
I benefited hugely from Valeria's input whilst going through IVF treatment for my 2 children. She is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious in her approach. Valeria's weekly session provided me with space where I could truly 'let go'. When undergoing IVF it was important for me to really trust the advice I was being given - with Valeria I felt confident in all that she offered.
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Sophie Aisling
My hair colour with Joanna was absolutely amazing - I am SO HAPPY with the result. Joanna really listened to what to I wanted and did an absolutely incredible job to fix a colour I had done elsewhere and didn’t like. The result is way better than I could have imagined - I love it so much. Awesome skills! The whole team were lovely and it was just a really great experience. Thanks, everyone! xxx
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Thanks God you are open! Everyone at Shine is very friendly and professional! 5 stars plus for Joanna, she is a perfectionist, very friendly and professional! Because Sonia is not around, I was very nervous to change, and I made the right choice! Very happy with my new haircut and highlights! She suggested exactly what I wanted! Best treat after lockdown! Thank you all for the nice experience! I will be back soon!
Salon Review
Valeria makes me very comfortable every time I see her, and over the years she has helped me a lot with my headaches and backpain.
Salon Review
I have been seeing Valeria for acupuncture for a few years now for various reasons from back pain to fertility. She is extremely knowledgable and also very caring, and I have found the treatments to be effective and relaxing. I can't recommend her enough!
Salon Review
Frangia Di Felice
I had my hair coloured and cut by Lara post 3rd lockdown, and I've been so impressed by her skills. My hair had long darker roots and many different shades throughout. Lara recommended doing highlights, then colouring roots, and applying a toner and an hydrating treatment. I've been dying my hair for nearly 20 years and this time had been the best outcome ever. My hair now look very natural and healthy. Lara is a pro and cannot wait to book her again! Thanks a lot, Francesca.
Salon Review
Monica Borj
I have been having migraine and back and neck pain for years and the only way to live with it was getting regularly back massages. A friend recommended Joanna and her Bowen method - I was very skeptical. But to be honest I was desperate as my neck was aching so much that I decided to try. Joanna straight away noticed that my posture is not aligned (which I think one in 20 therapist I went to have ever noticed) and started touching and putting pressure on certain muscles - it was very weird as in between she pauses for a few minutes. BUT it really worked - after her session my neck pain was gone and stayed that way for weeks. I would definitely recommend it if you have pain in your back/ neck - why not give it a try - nothing to loose and lots to gain..." - mum of 2 and full time office worker
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Ania Lopatynska
“Joanna is an exceptional Bowen Technique therapist. She is very efficient, precise and focused during the session. She really cared about me getting better as fast as I could. She helped me tremendously with my lower back pain during the last months of pregnancy. I was in so much pain and unfortunately neither massage nor osteopathy managed to cease my aches. I felt amazing after the first session, my pain level went down tremendously and I managed to have a full night of sleep. After two more sessions my pain level went down from 10 to 1 and it really made a huge difference during the end of my pregnancy. Her gentle but profound work inspired me to become a Bowen therapist myself! I wholeheartedly recommend Joanna to anyone. I am certain she will miraculously help you to become pain free.”
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Shashika Edwards
“Joanna is a truly gifted practitioner, that skilfully uses her bowen and acupuncture therapies. I have been seeing her for years, after she helped me quickly recover from a fall that doctors told me would take months to heal. Within a week I felt back to normal! Since then I have used bowen and acupuncture to address muscle/joint pains created through prolonged screen time (computer use). It’s nice to have this tool, and avoid any long term issues. I would highly recommend Joanna as a therapist, her knowledge and skills are exceptional.”
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Mary R
I see Joanna on a regular basis for acupuncture facials and massage. I managed to see her for just one session when it was safe to do so following the initial Lockdown. I always look forward to my sessions and leave the salon with glowing skin and feeling energised and uplifted. Joanna has a holistic approach to any treatment and can tell if other areas of the body are out of synch.  She is a warm, friendly and welcoming and is a thoroughly professional and very knowledgeable therapist.  I have no hesitation in recommending Joanna.
Salon Review
Ben Pianese Owner of
Working with Joanna is amazing. She's Not only a great listener and communicator but very psychic and intuitive. In comparison to treatments from other therapists my experience is totally different. I usually get a combination of bowen therapy and acupuncture to prevent both injuries end stay stress free. And when necessary we can also work on psychological and subconscious level to move beyond the limits of the mind.
Salon Review
“Joanna has given me three Bowen treatments. I initially asked Joanna to see me because I had pulled a muscle in my back. This was painful and restricted my movement and prevented me from exercising. After my first appointment the pain and range of movement in my back was considerably better and I felt more relaxed. After the second treatment the pain was gone and I had regained full range of movement and was able to exercise again. I have been very impressed both by the swift resolution of my problem and by Joanna's professionalism. One each occasion she has been very trough checkup my progress. I would constantly be happy to see Joanna as a Bowen Therapist.”
Salon Review
"Joanna's Bowen treatment has been amazingly effective in dealing with my back problems. I feel more relaxed than I can remember - even with working at a desk all day! - and am no longer experiencing the back aches and stiffness I have suffered from for years since I injured my back. The treatment not only gave me relief from back ache but a general sense of well-being and calm. I have had many other kinds of treatment for my back over some time including osteopathy but I have found Bowen technique to be the best - much gentler, yet profound and long lasting. Joanna is a very skilled and sensitive practitioner and I am so glad I found her. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Salon Review
Sarah Lipschitz
Out of this world experience.Been going to another place for many years but nothing compared to the treatment I have received at Shine.Just to add that Mahab warmth and care enhanced the treatment received. Looking forward to return.
Salon Review
I'm so proud of being a Shine customer! The salon today was SO amazing, considering that this is new for everyone and a really worrying time. I felt so absolutely looked after. The lovely Shine team were (this is a compliment!) like the best possible Harley Street nurses - charming, helpful, and professionally focused on giving the best customer experience, whilst at the same time keeping everyone safe. Kate was of course her normal, brilliant self (so glad to get my hair back to an acceptable standard) and it was so good to be back. I know what a huge effort this has been, in the exceptionally difficult Covid-19 circumstances, and you have done wonderfully. I can't wait for us to get back to normal, but for now please be assured that your team are setting the standard for everyone else.
Thanks Lucy,
Salon Review
I visited Shine a few months ago after my regular salon closed down - I was quite happy with my previous salon, so I was nervous about having to test a few places to see if any would offer similar quality services in Stoke Newington. I was lucky enough to book in for a hair colour treatment with Jennifer - a stylist who has been with the salon for a fair number of years and is incredibly nice and skilled. Jennifer is excellent in both colour treatments and cuts and has a calm, laid-back attitude. Further, the salon’s approach to sustainability and natural products is definitely a big plus. Thankfully I didn’t have to look into any other salons, I will be sticking with this one - thank you Jennifer!
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C, London
When I spoke to Michelle about some gut problems and feeling constantly bloated she pointed out some things in my ‘ healthy ‘ diet that I should cut down on, like grains, flour and fruit. When she told me the amount of sugar I was consuming in fruit would mean I would not be burning fat properly it was like the penny finally dropping, as I lead a very active lifestyle but I was piling weight on. She also suggested intermittent fasting which I embraced with very little effort and miraculously I dropped a stone in 5 weeks with a few minor changes, and generally felt like my energy levels had been restored. I can’t thank her enough and I absolutely recommend!
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