Shine, Stoke Newington and Newington Green, are passionate about working in the most sustainable ways possible, which is why we have partnered with some amazing companies to help deliver this intention.

Sh sustainability 3000


We continue to partner with Scrummi, as they reflect Shine's ethos of providing sustainable, biodegradable, super hygienic towel solutions for our hair and beauty departments.

No less important is the amount of laundry liquid soap that is not going down the drain anymore, which previously was around 150 litres a year, between the two branches of Shine.
The average water consumption for a washing machine load is 60litres.

In 2023 we were awarded the Sustainable Legend Status from Scrummi as they gave us these fantastic numbers to celebrate:

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Davines Group
Davines and Comfort Zone

Shine is proud to partner with Davines UK, who share the same principals as us for a sustainable way to make people " look good and feel great ! “
Davines hair products are generated with 100% renewable energy, favouring highly biodegradable, natural and certified organic ingrdients. Davines product packaging is conceived using as little material as possible and, replacing when possible, virgin plastic with bio-based or recycled plastic. Davines always try to favour the use of recycled paper and they promote reforestation projects and protection of woodland areas. The ingredients of their products are 99% plant based, which is yet another reason why we have decided to soley partner with them as our favoured colour company from now on.

In order to encourage minimising the impact of plastic on our beautiful oceans, Shine give a £2 discount whenever clients come to refill their 250ml empty Davines Essentials Range of shampoos and conditioners. We can also refill Minu or Nounou shampoo and conditioner 1 litres bottles. If you are refilling 1 litre bottles, we reduce your cost by £4.

Comfort Zone

As part of the Davines group, Comfort Zone have chosen a conscientious and sustainable approach, which they call “Science-based Conscious FormulasTM”. They use the very best natural ingredients (between 75% to 95% of organic origin), and use them in up to 98% of their products. They have eliminated the use of all the chemical ingredients, so they are are free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, animal derivatives and are packed with natural oils and butters to guarantee thier beauty products are naturally active and highly effective.



By 2020, 90% of Dermalogica's packaging will either be biodegradable or recyclable. All paper or cartons will be FSC certified, meaning that they are sustainable for forests. They are recognised as cruelty free according to PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.) Since 1986 they have been fragrance free, with no artificial colours added. Also they are free from many toxins such as alcohol, lanolin, microplastics, mineral oil, manolin and parobens. All but 4 of their products are certified as Vegan. They are also highly committed to training Women in their field, providing loans and empowering people to go from job searchers to job creators. For all of these reasons and because their products are exceptional for natural skin health care, we partner with Dermalogica.



Who Gives a crap

SH Who Gives a Crap

One of our favourite and newsest business partners use Bamboo instead of trees to make their toilet paper. Also 50% of their profits are donated to help build toilets wherever needed accross the world. They do not use any inks or dyes in the paper, so its not only good for the world, its also good for your skin.


First Mile

SH First Mile 1000

We now use First Mile for our Recycling instead of the local council, because they find a way to recycle everything possible and put absolutely zero waste into Landfill!!

To join your business with them yourself, see their website.