Services & Prices

……Indulge yourself with a relaxing head massage while washing your hair and let our massage chairs do the rest…….

At Shine we constantly encourage and support our Hair Stylists in their growth, providing educational training at all levels.

Their experience and skills are a reflection of the hard work and dedication they have shown to our company and this commitment is rewarded directly in our price structure.



 Stylist LevelSenior LevelPrincipal LevelDirector Level
Cut & Finish£44£49£55£63
Blowdry Short£27£30£35£40
Blowdry Long£32£35£40£45
Hair Upfrom £55from £55from £55from £55



 Stylist LevelSenior LevelPrincipal LevelDirector Level
Cut & Finish£34£38£44£47


Young fellows

……In order to accommodate the evening and weekend high demand, we only accept bookings for the young fellows, Monday to Thursday from 10am to 5pm.

 Stylist LevelSenior LevelPrincipal LevelDirector Level
6 to 12 years old£22£26£30
13 to 17 years old Boys£28£32£37
13 to 17 years old Girls£32£37£42


Hair Colouring Services

……At Shine the creation of a perfect colour is a MUST!! Our colour experts will work closely with you to achieve the look that is individual to you, by using innovative techniques and natural products where possible.

Our prices include a free initial consultation, toners and a quick rough blow dry with an assistant. If you required a professional blow dry, our prices start from £27.

Please specify which drying option you would like when booking your colour appointment!


Permanent & Semi-permanent Colours

 Stylist LevelSenior LevelPrincipal LevelDirector Level
Root Colour£47£52£57£62
All Over Colourfrom £57from £62from £67from £72
Semi Permanentfrom £50from £55from £60from £65

Please remember that you need to come in to have a skin test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment, so that we can check for any allergic reactions.



  Stylist LevelSenior Level Principal LevelDirector Level
Parting Foilsfrom £55from £60from £65from £75
Half Head Foilsfrom £75from £80from £85from £95
Full Head Foilsfrom £100from £105from £110from £120


Creative Colouring

  Flamboyage – Balayage – Ombré – Bleaching

 Stylist LevelSenior LevelPrincipal LevelDirector Level
Partial Headfrom £65from £ 70from £75from £85
Half Headfrom £90from £ 95from £100from £110
Full Headfrom £115from £ 120from £130from £140
Root Bleach & Tonerfrom £60from £65from £70from £75
Full Head Bleach & Tonerfrom £80from £ 85from £90from £100


Express Hair Treatments

These hair treatments are the ideal booster for when you are in a hurry! They will give elasticity and add hydration to your hair.

 Description Price
Nou Nou MaskFor damaged or dry hair, that need rehydration.£15 (15min)
Minu MaskFor coloured hair lacking in lustre.£15 (15min)

…..All our hair treatments are FREE from sulphates and parabens.


  Shine like a diamond

with OI !!!

All OI products contain Roucou Oil with an antioxidant action and properties which counter free radicals. Extremely rich in Beta Carotene, which has a restructuring function on hair.

 Description Price
OI SerumEspecially suitable for coloured hair, perfect as an add-on to any colour treatment or alone to give diamond like shine.£25 (30min)

…..All our hair treatments are FREE from sulphates and parabens.


          Terms & Conditions

Should a cancellation or date change be necessary, we politely request 24 hours notice or a 50% charge will apply.

To avoid disappointment, punctuality  for appointments is greatly appreciated.