Which Bodywork Treatment Is Right For Me?

Whether you are recovering from an operation or are having joint troubles, treatments for body mechanics can be of great benefit. These treatments focus on realignment, corrective exercises and joint mobilization. Often a combination of treatments can really get to the bottom of the situation.


Acupuncture is effective for osteoarthritis of the knee, back pain, headaches, nausea and dental pain. Many people also use Acupuncture when trying to conceive and during pregnancy.


Cupping regulates the flow of energy and blood, and can add strength and effectiveness to many therapeutic applications.

Myofascial Release

Muscles, bones and soft tissues are held together by a web of connective tissue called fascia that can get stiff and dehydrated.  In this treatment these layers are warmed, melted, stretched and released loosening tense muscles and improving the circulation of fluid and movement.


Osteopathy can include massage, stretching, pressure point therapy and touch. However, true osteopathy is far more than a method of physical treatment.


Physiotherapy takes a physical approach to conditions affecting your function and movement. Whether you’ve been injured, or have an illness or disability, it aims to reduce your pain and restore your natural body mechanics.

Anatomy in Motion

A technique that analyses your weight distribution and your posture as you walk, indicating the origin of your imbalance. Get personalized exercises plus videos so you can retrain your body to its optimum position.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage aims to stimulate your immune system through detoxifying.

Postural Re-Education

The method is suitable for people who want to improve and balance their posture.

Alexander Technique

To help your posture and improve your energy.

For further information feel free to contact our clinic manager sophie@shineholistic.co.uk. She can also get you in contact with a Practitioner of the type of treatment you are interested in, to learn more about how it may help you.

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