Shiatsu can be classed as Bodywork but it can also be recongised as a gentle form of Massage. It is carried out like Thai massage is, with clothing warn and no oils used. It can ease muscular tension, but is gentle and more a treatment that works energetically.
 Shiatsu is a profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating holistic physical therapy, originating in Japan in the 1900s and heavily influenced by the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicines.  Shiatsu is designed to stimulate and support your body’s natural self-healing ability.

This deep level of working with the body focuses on root cause, meaning the body can start to unravel historic tensions and positively affect current symptoms; be they physical manifestations of pain, and /or emotional distress.

Shiatsu is used to treat musculoskeletal issues, physical pain or discomfort, digestive concerns, hormonal imbalance, stress related conditions, unresolved physical and emotional trauma, grief, breathing difficulties, insomnia, migraines, and menopausal symptoms.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for your treatment and try not to eat within an hour of treatment.

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Salon Review
I had my first ever Shiatsu session yesterday with Aruna. I wasn't sure quite what to expect, but wow, I was so impressed by the result on my psyche after one session. Shiatsu is different to massage in technique, but still deeply relaxing. When I came home, my flatmate couldn't believe how much lighter and positive I was. I felt a completely natural high, and as somebody that struggles with anxiety and depression, this was a game changer. Aruna is so full of knowledge, and I can't rate her enough! I left with take home knowledge to support my nervous system, so it really was a gift that carried on giving.
Thank you for the lovely review Carla. We will be sure to pass it on to Aruna.
Salon Review
Heemlawtee Neetye
Dear Aruna ,me, Heemlawtee Neetye  and my husband Deoram Neetye  are very grateful  to you, you have a magic hand. We are blessed for having you. My husband  is a patient of stroke , having speech problem, wearing  hearing  aid , depression, bowel problem, sciatic pain ,varicose vein disorder due to his stroke suffering  of cognitive  disorder 10 years being just pain knees, joint ,the whole  body with acute pain but having that lady massage is magical. He slept so peaceful  feeling much much better. He decided  to commit  suicide  twice  before because of acute pain but with the massage  it's a big change of his life ,he has a happy face, he trust Aruna  change his lifestyle with the massage. I have a very poor health with 10 miscarriages,  19 surgery,  breast  cancer  problems  knees  ligament  been torn using crutches  ,sciatica, back pain, shoulder pain lifting  my husband for 10 years due to the stroke and on higher  dose of depression  tablets   45 mg  of mirtazapine ,Aquatepine, etc suffering  with anxiety,  heart palpitations  ,feel fed up  of life but Aruna massage make me alive she is the best person we met. We did chiropractor sessions  ,Acupuncture  ,physiotherapy,  injections  ,etc nothing works. Thank you Aruna, you are the best, with the massage you gave me and my husband a hope of living happy, sleeping very well, my husband incontinent problems is much better love you many thanks hope to see you again and again.
Salon Review
Jan Sweeney
Dear Aruna I can’t thank you enough for relieving the pain I have had for the last three years. Even though I had steroid injections for my two frozen shoulders, I was still in considerable pain when I first came to you. It was limiting my movement and affecting my life on a daily basis. After the first treatment I was in pain for a few days but then the pain from my shoulders was greatly reduced. After being two weeks pain free my body started to let me know when I was due for a massage. The pain would resurface a couple of days before I had a massage. Now I’m pain free all the time, amazing! I’m very thankful for all the techniques you taught me iebreathing through pain, heel tapping and helping me to understand my body more. More importantly you made me realize I need to make time for myself as I was always too busy caring for others. I have enjoyed our sessions and hope you can offer your massage to many more who will greatly benefit. Thanks again, Jan Sweeney

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