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At Shine, we offer a wide range of face and body rituals to treat you from head to toe. All appointment times include consultation, changing and aftercare advice.

*If you are Pregnant, you can still have a Facial, but as they are usually performed with you laying fully on your back, depending upon your physical comfort and where you are in your pregnancy, adjustments may need to be made. You may need to sit up more, or lay back raising your right hip, and perhaps have a shorter session, just depending upon how comfortable you are. Certain products will be contraindicated but our Beauticians can advise accordingly when they tailor the facial to your needs.
Please write in the "Message to Salon" what stage of Pregnancy you are at if you have booked online, or let our Front of House team know when making the call to book.

The Japanese Face Lift Facial | 90mins – £95

Shine's Signature Facial

This is Shine’s signature non-invasive result-driven contouring treatment which lifts facial muscles, plumps up your face, reduces puffiness and slows down the effects of ageing. Using aromatherapy oils together with [Comfort zone] professional beauty products this face sculpting massage will lift years of your face and leave you completely relaxed and rebalanced. For more information about this amazing treatment go here.

* Please note if you have facial hair/beard, this isn't an ideal treatment for you, enless you can arrive clean shaven.

Comfort Zone Customised Facials

Each facial is customised to your skin type and whether you have any concerns you may wish to address, or if you simply wish to relax.

Comfort Zone Facials at Shine can focus on offering intense hydration, ultimate calming, deep purification and anti-oxidant repair. Your Beauty Therapist will study your skin after a consultation and will decide to use the best products for you based upon your needs. She will choose between the ranges of products formulated to help the look, feel and overall health of your skin.

Comfort Zone Facial  | 30mins | £45
Comfort Zone Facial  | 60mins | £70
Comfort Zone Facial  | 90mins | £95

Advanced Comfort Zone Facials | 60mins | £80

We have Sublime Skin and Skin Regimen ranges to utilise in the best possible way according to your skin's needs. You Beautician will consult with you and decide whether to choose one, the other or combine.

The Sublime Skin range offers a treatment which resurfaces, redensifies and lifts. Combined with exclusive active lift massage, it stimulates cellular renewal, bestowed fullness and redefines the volume of the face. This is obtained through the double peel followed by an innovative lifting and firming mask, particularly recommended for skin which is mature, thickened and has an uneven skin tone – wrinkles and loss of tone and volume. 

The Skin Regimen range renews and revitalises, the face, neck and decollate and thanks to the synergy of AHA with the exclusive longevity complex, restores tone and repositions the skin tissues for a youthful and healthier appearance. The efficacy of the ingredients is maximised by the Kabat technique reinforcing skin tissue and muscle elasticity.


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Dermalogica Facials

“Dermalogica” Facial TreatmentsThe ultimate treatment that is different every time. Customised with advanced products, techniques and high level sound wave technology, using the Ultrasonic wand, to stimulate collagen and muscle tone.

The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.
*Not Suitable during pregnancy.

ProSkin 30  | 30mins | £50
ProSkin 60  | 60mins | £80 ( Prepaid course of 3 – £225 ) ( Prepaid course of 6 – £450 ) 
ProSkin 90  | 90mins | £105


To book your Facial online, click the tab on the right.
Call 020 7241 5033 to book in with our Front of House Team.    

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Brand New to Shine on the Green Only from January 2024 we introduce Dermalogica's latest Facial advancement.


Nanoinfusion is a non-invasive procedure that involves the use of a pen style modality and nano-tips. It uses very tiny cones formed of silicone or stainless steel that do not penetrate the skin but do help with resurfacing and product infusion.

This treatment uses innovative techniques and powerful, professional grade active serums (Retinol, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic, Powerbright) to instantly help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brighten the complexion, and smooth the appearance of skin.

Best part? There’s no downtime needed for this non-invasive procedure, so it is a perfect choice for those attending a party or an event, big or small.


Notice immediate, visible change in the skin, a hydrating glow just after a single treatment. We also recommend booking a course of 3 or 5 treatments. Block bookings can be at £100 each instead of the individual £110 price.

A block of 3 treatments = £300 (£330 when booked separately)
A block of 5 treatments = £500 (£550 when booked separately)

These Facials are only bookable with Ewa and Yoanna. Any blocks of treatment should be made with the same Beautician.

* these treatments are not suitable in your first trimester of Pregnancy.

Do not have any of the following treatments in the time periods mentioned before your
- Retinol use within 24 hours.
- Facial Waxing within 72 hours
- Botox within 7 days
- Dermal filler within 14 days
- Chemical peel, Professional resurfacing or dermaplaning within the last 14-28 days

Call 020 7241 5033 to book in with our Front of House Team.    

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