Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique can help you to enhance the quality of your life. By enabling you to manage stress and reduce excessive muscle tension, having Alexander lessons can make you feel more comfortable in your body and be more at ease.

It is a re-educational method that restores your natural good ‘use’ and natural poise. It isn’t about holding ‘good posture’ or adopting ‘correct’ positions or using specific exercises. Instead it’s about learning to improve the way you use yourself, allowing more freedom and ease, in everyday activity.

What are the benefits of the Alexander technique?

With lessons you can learn to shed the habits of excessive muscle tension that pull you down and so allow for a more natural ‘good posture’, where you are freer, more balanced, more open.

As your good ‘use’ is gradually restored so you indirectly address the problems or conditions that have been exacerbated by, or arisen from, your misuse. Such problems or conditions may range from back pain, vocal or breathing difficulties and postural problems to stress related issues or any condition where excessive muscular tension is a contributing factor.

Enhance your body’s natural performance with the Alexander technique

Disturbance of your natural poise and balance may, at the same time, hinder your performance in any activity for example playing sport, speaking in public, playing an instrument or learning new skills. It may also mean that you find you don’t walk, sit or bend with the same ease that you recall from when you were younger.

We find that in improving ‘use’ you can enhance your performance and feel less pain and more freedom in simple activities like sitting, walking, doing the housework or using the computer. You may also find that you have a calmer approach to your day, feeling less ‘stressed’, more confident and lighter in spirit.

Easing excessive muscular tension at top health salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

The Alexander Technique offers you a unique way of becoming more aware of how you use yourself in everything that you do. It teaches you how to recognise the psycho-physical habits that go hand in hand with excessive muscular tension, which can reduce your freedom in movement, disturbing your balance and good use.

Once you begin to notice some of these psycho-physical habits, you can learn to let them go, use yourself better and experience the accompanying lightness, openness and freedom in movement.

Breaking long term habbits using the Alexandre technique

Because our habits are longstanding it takes a number of one to one lessons to get a grounding in The Alexander Technique. Your teacher will help you to change your habitual reactions so that you no longer employ the same degree of inappropriate tension inyour activity.

We work with simple everyday activities (like sitting, standing, walking and bending), The Alexander Teacher works in a unique way, using a gentle guiding touch and verbal instruction to help you to experience the different sensations that accompany your improving use.

Where does the Alexandre technique originate from?

The Alexander Technique was brought to Britain in 1904. It is the work of the Tasmanian born Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 to 1955) and it now has a fine reputation the world over. Originally developed as a means of resolving Alexander’s own vocal problems it is now taught in different settings such as music academies, theatre schools, health clinics and pain clinics.

Is back pain your problem? The effectiveness of Alexander lessons in the long-term reduction of back pain was proven in a study published 2008 the British Medical Journal . Click on the link to read more.

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