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You’ve tried all the p’s from pills, Pilates to physio and you’ve begun to think living with pain is just something you have to put up with. But perhaps you’ve noticed a persistent pain getting in the way at times of your busy work, your passions and hobbies, or general daily life. And that can feel irritating, frustrating, upsetting.

Address the Core and the surface of your pain.
Discover Embodied Wellbeing.

If you now feel ready to explore something that arms you with practical skills you can take into all areas of your life and learn how to do those same things differently to experience greater ease and wellbeing, then you have come to the right place!

Alexander Technique will support you back to greater wellbeing where you will develop more energy and a deeper sense of “aliveness” whilst doing all the things you love to spend your time doing (and those that you don’t, but have to do). And, it can be applied to both your work and play, both your physical and emotional life.

With Alexander Technique & Embodied Wellbeing sessions with Sarah Warman (BSc MA MSTAT), we can begin to identify and heal the deepest root of your pain, not just the symptoms, allowing for the possibility of a much more robust long-lasting healing, and much greater freedom in mind, body and spirit.


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What Are The Benefits Of The Alexander Technique?Alexander Technique, North London Salons

Alexander Technique is a scientifically recognised and proven method*  that will teach you:

  • Practical skills to resolve issues of pain so you can experience greater ease.
  • A different way of moving and thinking with greater freedom and lightness – a deep Embodied Mindfulness.
  • How to deal with the situations in life that you find most triggering and that ordinarily cause you more physical pain and/or emotional stress, so that they not only become easier, but also illuminate new opportunities for growth and healing.

Pain is your friend! Modern life teaches us to numb, cover-up or ignore pain but Alexander Technique & Embodied Wellbeing sessions with Sarah will show you how to take notice of your pain in all it’s forms. Acknowledging your pain is your guide to creating a life that is full of greater aliveness and wellbeing.

Alexander Technique can help with pain in all forms, including but not limited to:

Physical – back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI) , sciatica, headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, breathing issues, posture problems, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, sleeping comfortably, pregnancy and childbirth (Sarah is a trained Alexander Technique Doula), parenting (interacting with and lifting/ moving small people with greater ease!).

Emotional – work stress, relationship & family tension, anxiety, discomfort, underconfidence, indecision, overwhelm, feeling ungrounded, feeling stuck, disconnected from your creativity etc.

Breaking Long-Term Habits Using The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique and Embodied WellbeingAlexander Technique is an approach that gives you skills that you can apply to the whole of your life – in learning how to do everything with greater freedom and lightness. Often your pain is your way in, your call to creating a life of greater balance and ease. So Alexander Technique can support you in making the best out of whatever situation you find yourself in. In fact this can be a great way to really explore the work: by bringing it’s relevance precisely to you and all your passions, your hobbies, and your interests, so that you can embrace and enjoy them in a whole new way.

I was brought to Alexander myself through an intense journey through great physical pain. What started with severe Repetitive strain arm and shoulder/back pain, progressed to manifest in pain throughout my body. Luckily it was highlighted to me that I was at a crossroads – to on the one hand likely stay in pain and possibly get worse OR begin to learn how to heal myself. Along this healing journey I discovered for myself first hand that pain that was manifesting as physical, also had a psychological element, and how to bring awareness and healing to that (Read my Bio here*) .

When you come to me, whether for an intro intensive or a deeper foundational course of sessions, I meet you exactly where you are at, with a grounded, multi-layered approach to support you in the most holistic way, where scientific process meets creative, intuitive process, for real physical improvement as well as spiritual growth.

> Are you feeling the call for bringing in greater well being, ease and peace into your life now?

You can schedule a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation over the phone.


> Perhaps you are ready to make this choice to learn how to move from pain to freedom in the deep 90-minute introduction session.

In our 1:1 private classes, as you progress, you will have opportunities to bring relevant interests and activities of your choice that we can explore together in a new way with the Alexander Technique to see how to bring greater ease, aliveness, and healthy engagement with the whole of your body, mind and soul for improved performance and overall experience.

Examples of hobbies we can explore include (but not limited to):

Yoga, singing, exercising/ sport/ gym, acting, writing, cycling, dancing, playing an instrument.

Examples of everyday activities you can choose to explore:

Walking, deskwork, allowing creativity to flow, awakening to and expressing in authentic connection (in all relationships), asserting/ standing up for yourself, public speaking, household chores (eg washing-up, hoovering) carrying heavy bags, going up and down stairs… even things that sound boring become unbelievably surprisingly interesting and illuminating.

Work with me:

> During my signature 3-month private 1:1 Alexander Technique and Well being Foundation Course, we’ll work hand in hand so you begin to learn new skills and identify the hidden root of your pain, allowing for a very different experience of every aspect of your life with less pain and more freedom – in mind, body and soul.

Let’s chat about where you’re at and whether this experience is right for you. >>
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If you feel you are ready to dive in and explore this work and experience for yourself how it can support you in getting to the root of the problem, rather than just the immediate symptoms, then you can Book Now for an Intro Intensive session with me.

All it takes is a power 90 minute 1-1 with me to begin to get you unstuck and on your way.
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Sarah Warman 

If you would like to visit the experts at Shine to enhance your body’s natural performance with the Alexander Technique then please call 020 7241 5033.

Alexander Technique Reviews North London…

Salon Review
Shirley Vaughan
Sarah Warman - Alexander Technique I first met Sarah about two years ago, when I went along for an introductory Alexander Technique session. I had had some previous experience of AT with another teacher some years ago, and as I was having problems with headaches and tension in my neck and shoulders, I thought it would be beneficial for me to explore it again. I felt an immediate connection with Sarah, and I was delighted to find that her unique style resonated so positively with me. I particularly like her holistic approach to her work - recognising the interconnection between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides. I have not experienced AT like this before, and yet it makes so much sense, and it has been of such benefit to me. Arriving for a session with Sarah feels like stepping out of the hustle and bustle and into a peaceful oasis, where I can allow time for myself and have the space to be myself. This is hugely valuable to me in my hectic life. I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly. She is very supportive and works with empathy and understanding. Through her, I have learned some wonderful techniques to help me through my life, and have gained so many unexpected insights. SV Classical Musician/Singer
Salon Review
Olympia Zographos
I'm very grateful to Sarah - she helped me correct my gait abnormality. I'd spent years trying to understand why my shoes and trousers would wear out after a few weeks' wear, visiting osteopaths, foot specialists and healers. They all saw that I had a way of rotating my feet when I walked but only Sarah was able to get to the heart of the issue, which was my tendency to close up around the solar plexus area to protect myself. I think her secret is a killer combination of sound technical understanding, intuition and holistic vision.