Sarah Warman

Sarah Warman (BSc, MA, MSTAT)
Alexander Technique & Embodied Wellbeing Teacher

Address the Core and the surface of your pain.
Discover Embodied Wellbeing.

Sarah helps people get to the true roots of their pain to resolve the core issues and enjoy living more fully in the here and now.

She has over 10 years experience in Alexander Technique having supported hundreds of people with her own take on this work, since qualifying several years ago from the respected Alexander Teacher Training School in Bond Street.

Her signature twist on the century year old technique has a stronger emphasis on psychological and spiritual growth as well as physical improvement.

Sarah herself was forced to rethink a successful film and television career when she developed severe Repetitive Strain Injury, pushing on regardless, her pain escalated, culminating in multiple physical pains and injuries throughout her body. Heartbreakingly, this physical and emotional shutdown of her body meant she could no longer maintain the life she had created for herself.

After searching for solutions from physio to pilates, to no avail, eventually Sarah discovered Alexander Technique which wasn’t only a game-changer but a complete life changer.

Simultaneously, she discovered at a centre called Alchemy (now closed), a space and process for true transformation. Here she met her most profound Spiritual Teacher, the Founder of Alchemy, Nicole Hambro. Not connected to any lineage or specific Religious or Spiritual practice, it was there 10 years ago, under the guidance of Nicole, that Sarah came to know experientially the deep inner journey to becoming yourself more fully. She learnt that the experience of pain could offer the opportunity for a deep healing in body, mind and soul.

She began to develop the practice of what she calls Embodied Wellbeing, a culmination of Alexander Technique (that roots you inSarah Warman your body with awareness) and Alchemy (a process of awareness and inner transformation), as well as weaving in insight gathered from other teachings*. It is the combination of these that enabled her own recovery and also the recovery of numerous of her clients since.

Sarah is honoured and grateful to be able to offer these unique sessions in collaboration with Shine for a scientifically-rooted and holistic approach to creating and maintaining a healthier, happier, more nourishing life.

You can work with her in different ways. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation phone call, with no obligation, to find out if this experience is right for you.

> Signature 3-month private 1:1 Alexander Technique and Wellbeing Foundation Course
An educational and healing deep dive experience, bespokely curated to your individual needs. A beautiful opportunity for a wellbeing overhaul.

> 90 minute Alexander Technique & Wellbeing Introduction
A wonderful introductory experience to explore first hand, how this work can support you and if we are a good fit.

You can also arrange a complimentary Wellbeing Consultation call, to see if and how this work could support you.

*Where relevant, she also draws elements, key concepts and ideas from other disciplines she has studied over the years, including: Permaculture (living in balance with the nature within and around us, so that it may flourish), Macrobiotics (using food as a key point for bringing greater balance into our lives), and Awakening to Intimacy (building awareness of all the armour we build within us to prevent what we most deeply crave – authentic connection).

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My Reviews

Salon Review
Shirley Vaughan
Sarah Warman - Alexander Technique I first met Sarah about two years ago, when I went along for an introductory Alexander Technique session. I had had some previous experience of AT with another teacher some years ago, and as I was having problems with headaches and tension in my neck and shoulders, I thought it would be beneficial for me to explore it again. I felt an immediate connection with Sarah, and I was delighted to find that her unique style resonated so positively with me. I particularly like her holistic approach to her work - recognising the interconnection between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides. I have not experienced AT like this before, and yet it makes so much sense, and it has been of such benefit to me. Arriving for a session with Sarah feels like stepping out of the hustle and bustle and into a peaceful oasis, where I can allow time for myself and have the space to be myself. This is hugely valuable to me in my hectic life. I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly. She is very supportive and works with empathy and understanding. Through her, I have learned some wonderful techniques to help me through my life, and have gained so many unexpected insights. SV Classical Musician/Singer
Salon Review
Olympia Zographos
I'm very grateful to Sarah - she helped me correct my gait abnormality. I'd spent years trying to understand why my shoes and trousers would wear out after a few weeks' wear, visiting osteopaths, foot specialists and healers. They all saw that I had a way of rotating my feet when I walked but only Sarah was able to get to the heart of the issue, which was my tendency to close up around the solar plexus area to protect myself. I think her secret is a killer combination of sound technical understanding, intuition and holistic vision.