Anatomy In Motion

Improved Posture Therapies at Shine Health & Beauty Salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

Anatomy in motion (AiM) is a highly detailed analysis of the way that you use your body with the goal of restoring lost movement and improving posture using therapeutic methods.

At our Church street health & beauty salon in Stoke Newington and our Newington Green Salon  and  we have our very own in house Posture specialist Leon, who will assess your full body posture and your movement potential. 

Helping you regain your true balance by resetting and reeducating you and eliminating the common self made method of moving away from pain into compensatory postural habits. So if you would like to improve your posture, increase movement without pain and would like to feel balanced, then look no further than Shine.

Please note as of April 6th 2018,  Leon’s prices for AiM will become the following:
90min 1st app = £120    45min follow up = £70    30 min Diagnostic check up = £60  

Change how your body works with the latest digital techniques

An incredible insight is made into the life of your body by viewing your posture, muscle balance, your gait when you walk and also your weight distribution when measuring the pressure on your feet.

Leon uses the latest digital and analogue foot analysis techniques (the AmCube Footwork pressure plate) to assess how you are standing, what your feet are doing when you stand and walk and whether you carry your mass centrally or not.

Often bad habits are created to cope with pain, exacerbate the problem and can cause new difficulties.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Are you looking to find a theraputic way to eradicate pain from your body? Do you want to enjoy increased flexibility and movement from your body?

With AiM you can discover a total reprogramming of how to better use your body, to acknowledge the original issues, readdress them and find a way out of pain, back into flexibility and mobility.


How to better use your body

Leon is one of a handful of therapists world wide who have trained with Gary Ward on the ground breaking AiM system. He is osteopath to some of the worlds leading dancers and uses his years of professional dancing and choreography experience to feed into the AiM system. He is highly regarded in the theatre world for his observational movement direction and therapy skills, winning a prestigious Olivier Award for choreography in 2011.

Who are the AiM treatments for? 

AiM is for people in pain who want to take control of their own path to recovery. It is for people who really want to change the way their body is working.

So if you want to want to maximise your movement potential then anatomy in motion is the perfect treatment for you.

How long does an AiM treatment take?

Full Diagnostic assessment and treatment starts with a 90 minute appointment.

Follow up appointments last 45 mins, in which time movement patterns will be reviewed and some assessments will be carried out before new work is set.

There is also a diagnostic session available lasting 30 mins. No manual treatment will be given, although a report of findings and access to an appropriate video of movement patterns, will be given to you.

If after this session you wish to go for treatment,you can begin with the 45 minute sessions instead of needing to start with a 90 minute session.

Book your specialist diagnostic assessment at Shine health & beauty salons Stoke Newington & Newington Green

If you would like to improve your posture and muscle balance then call our Newington Green hair & beauty salon on 020 7241 2065 or to speak to a member of the team at our Church Street hair & beauty salon in Stoke Newington call 020 7241 5033.

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