Sports Massage

If you think sports massage is only for sportspeople, think again. If you spend all day slumped at your desk, you can benefit as much as a committed athlete. And, if you are seriously sporty, it can be an effective training aid, be used for Pre and Post event work and can promote rehabilitation from injury. 

What does a sports massage treatment involve?

sh_health_bowen2_280The treatment involves a systematic manipulation of the soft tissue, focusing on the muscles relevant to your particular activity. Its benefits include the release of muscle tension and improved suppleness of muscles and joints. By accelerating the healing of damaged and stressed muscles, it can also reduce your susceptibility to future injuries.

A Sports Massage will focus on the area(s) that are causing tension, pain or discomfort. It can really help to resolve issues for you and you can also recieve specific stretches and exercises to help to alleviate the issue between sessions. Commonly, when discussing any discomfort with the muscles of the body, you are dealing with muscles that are too tight and weak, too overused, or overcompensating for other muscles that have gotten lazy due to inaction / postural habits that make them inactive.

If you are looking for more of a Holistic Massage, where all of your body gets treated, but do enjoy deeper pressure, we would recommend Deep Tissue Massage which all of our Practitioners are skilled at.

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Please note, all Massage times include consultation and dressing.

Also, if you are Pregnant you must book this as a Pregnancy Massage as not all of our Massage Practitioners are qualified Pregnancy Practitioners.

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