Danila Ciencia

Danila developed an interest in bodywork in the late 90s when she started practicing Yoga and fell in love with Traditional Thai Massage. After studying in Thailand, she obtained an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Massage and to this day continues to evolve her practice by attending post graduate courses, workshops and getting as many massages as she can to keep her inspiration alive.

Her approach to massage is very holistic and fuses traditional bodywork techniques based on Energy Lines with Western skills and anatomical knowledge. Both systems are essential in achieving unity and optimal health for our bodies and minds; when functioning together, they create a better communication and a healthy range of mobility and structure throughout the body.

Danila offers:

Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic Massage

Thai Massage

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Danila is a member of the Complimentary Therapists Association (CThA)



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