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Pregnancy and childbirth are probably the most momentous experiences you’ll ever have – and the most physically demanding. Using a blend of soothing techniques, pregnancy massage helps to support you and your baby through those special months.

And, once baby is born, it aids your body’s rapid readjustment and helps you cope with the wonderful new challenge of motherhood.  

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What symptoms will a pregnancy massage relieve?

Pregnancy Massage can help relieve symptoms of muscular tension, backache, insomnia, headaches and other pregnancy related problems. The massage aims to help improve circulation, and reduce blood pressure and fluid retention.

Just as important, it helps you to relax and remain calm during what is often an emotionally challenging time. After 38 weeks specific acupressure points may be massaged to encourage natural labour. This massage is also excellent for postnatal support.

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Please note: Not all Massage Practitioners are qualified for Pregnancy Massage just the ones on this page here.

When booking your treatment, you must let us know if you are pregnant and also if you are in your 1st trimester, to make sure that you are booked with the appropriately trained practitioner.

Also, at Shine, Church St some practitioners work on the 2nd floor. If stairs are a problem we would advise you to book your appointment at Shine, Newington Green which is all on one level and allows ease of access.

Please note, all Massage times include consultation and dressing.

Call 020 7241 2065 for our Newington Green health & beauty salon or 020 7241 5033 for our Church Street health & beauty salon in Stoke Newington.

Salon Review
Mattea is a warm, intuitive and sensitive practitioner. I first came to see her following a very stressful experience during my last pregnancy. Her combination of pregnancy massage and CST meant I left the session feeling transformed; I was so much calmer and more grounded. I have seen her regularly during this current pregnancy and the sessions have helped me stay level despite a challenging pregnancy.
We are so glad to hear how Mattea has helped you. Thank you.
Salon Review
Maria - Midwife
I’ve seen Becky regularly during my pregnancy. Her kindness and practice helped me to remain calm and supported while my mind/body adapted to pregnancy changes. Having someone who I trusted, and her continuity through this journey, made me feel cared for and well looked after. I would highly recommend Becky’s pregnancy massage and expertise
Salon Review
Carly Rodger
Becky gave me a postnatal massage that was amazing. I could just feel the tension and pains going away as she worked her magic hands on my aching body. I will definitely be coming back for another massage soon.
Thank you Carly, we really appreciate you reaching out and sharing how amazing Becky is.
Salon Review
Clare B
I suffered from sciatica during my pregnancy and was recommended by my GP to have massages. I booked myself in with Sophie, and after one session I already felt so much better. With the massage and exercises that Sophie recommended my sciatica faded quite quickly.
Salon Review
Intuitive and sensitive are two words i would use to describe Sophie's brilliant massage skills. Never the same massage twice, she listens to what i ask for and also reads what i need once a treatment has started. Before and after the birth of my son, I've relied on her talents to relax and revitalise myself at different stages of life.