Becky Clarke

Describing massage as a way to connect with people, Becky is an intuitive massage therapist who considers an emotional reading sg_health_faceliftmassage6_280of her clients an essential part of the process.

With 15 years experience in bodywork she has gained a loyal following that includes sports enthusiasts, performers and professionals. She is also an experienced pregnancy massage therapist.

Becky specializes in caring yet problem-solving massage treatments, having completed intensive training in Sports and Remedial massage. Her way of working is constantly evolving thanks to her love of study.
Becky is a registered member of The British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

In addition to Shine Holistic and Shine on the Green, Becky has worked at Radio 1 and the Almeida theatre and is the resident massage therapist for the dancers at the Urdang Academy.

Please see  Face lift Massage  and LED GLOW Facial individually for treatment prices.

Salon Review
Carla Hendriks
I recently had the 'LED Glow Facial' with the lovely Becky Clarke. My skin has honestly never looked or felt better. I have had compliments from people since the treatment! Becky is a maverick of her craft, so I knew I would be in good hands. Becky instantly makes you feel at ease, she has such a warm and friendly presence. Not only did I get a stunning facial, with oils and products that Becky makes herself, followed by basking under a warming LED light, the mostpart of the treatment included dreamy head, arm, hand, shoulder, and foot massage. I got the complete best of both worlds, and am very grateful I booked in!
Thanks Carla, we will pass on the great review to Becky.
Salon Review
Lisa Buckingham
This was a facial but not as you know it because Becky brought with it both her incredible skills as a massage therapist and her handmade organic cleansers and serums. It's a bespoke facial and I needed both some pepping up of tired-looking skin as well as addressing an area of congestion around my chin. The whole experience was a series of soothing sensations combining facial massage, hot cloths and a cold roller to apply the divine-smelling products. While the LED was over my face, Becky gave me a deeply relaxing massage of my arms, hands, shoulders, chest and feet (not just any old massage as Becky is a highly experienced massage therapist), so I wasn't just lying under the light. This facial is done with such care and thought – I left feeling renewed in mind and body, and my skin looked radiant. The area of congestion calmed over the next couple of days and my skin looked clear and healthy. I can't recommend Becky highly enough. Lisa Buckingham Health & fitness journalist
Thank you Lisa, we really appreciate you taking the time to give Becky this review.
Salon Review
Sian - researcher
Very pleased with the instant results the LED Glow Facial had on my mild but lingering hormonal acne, which cleared after just one session. Becky is very knowledgable about what can be achieved/treated with the different coloured lights. I had a combination of red and blue. This is also a lovely treatment for general wellbeing as it includes a relaxing head and neck massage as well as a facial boost. Seeing as research suggests the red LED light can stimulate collagen production over time I will definitely be booking in for more treatments!
We are so glad that you enjoyed it and reaped the rewards Sian.
Salon Review
Grace - Fitness Coach
After years of issues with my Jaw, resulting in a visit to A&E and a prescription for muscle relaxing pain killers (!!), I’m amazed to discover this Jaw release method that Becky introduced me to. It’s such an incredible experience for someone like myself, as I really struggle to relax my jaw. We booked in 2 treatments, 3 weeks apart (I thought I would need a much longer course of treatment), but after the first massage, my mind was blow. The release you get from the trigger point is something I’ve never experienced before. I can’t remember the last time my jaw felt so free! I highly recommend Becky, she’s extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Salon Review
Becky was able to release layers of tension working on the muscles inside my jaw. I’ve suffered from teeth grinding since a child. I have worn mouth guards for 15 years and I ware them out very quickly. My jaw & face feel much more relaxed after the treatment and I’d like to have regular sessions to keep on top of it. My neck and shoulders feel less tense and my headache has gone.
Salon Review
Phil - Brain based learning solutions
Becky is the best masseuse I've ever had, and I’ve had loads of massages over the years. I started going to see her a few years ago to help ease back and shoulder pain from long flights. She was so good I now see her every 4-6 weeks to help relieve aches and tightness from general muscular use and activity, and for occasional injuries. Becky has a rare gift of being able to intuitively locate precisely the right points to work on, and then the skills, knowledge and experience to fix whatever issue it might be. She really is in a league of her own. If you need a massage, I can't recommend Becky more highly. Phil - Brain based learning solutions
Salon Review
Maria - Midwife
I’ve seen Becky regularly during my pregnancy. Her kindness and practice helped me to remain calm and supported while my mind/body adapted to pregnancy changes. Having someone who I trusted, and her continuity through this journey, made me feel cared for and well looked after. I would highly recommend Becky’s pregnancy massage and expertise
Salon Review
Carly Rodger
Becky gave me a postnatal massage that was amazing. I could just feel the tension and pains going away as she worked her magic hands on my aching body. I will definitely be coming back for another massage soon.
Thank you Carly, we really appreciate you reaching out and sharing how amazing Becky is.
Salon Review
I recently had a facelift massage with Becky and it was heavenly, I would highly recommend. She instantly make you feel calm and relaxed and her oils smell divine. I left feeling very relaxed and somehow makes the deep frown line on my forehead disappear. A very enjoyable experience.
Thanks Hannah, will pass on your kind words to Becky, she is amazing!!!