Face Lift Massage

Non-surgical Face Lift Massage for anti-aging with Becky Clarke

Also known as facial rejuvenation, Face Lift Massage is an amazing, non-invasive approach to restoring your youthful vitality. By increasing the skin’s elasticity and tightening the facial contours, it produces a remarkable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

You’ll also feel incredibly relaxed, with headaches and other tension-related symptoms often disappearing.

The practitioner uses pressure point stimulation, muscle toning and lymph drainage to free the constrictions in your facial muscles and connective tissue. She’ll also teach you simple exercises to keep your face in shape. After the sessions, you should notice that your skin feels toned and your face more flexible and mobile.

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Salon Review
I recently had a facelift massage with Becky and it was heavenly, I would highly recommend. She instantly make you feel calm and relaxed and her oils smell divine. I left feeling very relaxed and somehow makes the deep frown line on my forehead disappear. A very enjoyable experience.
Thanks Hannah, will pass on your kind words to Becky, she is amazing!!!