Face Lift Massage

Face lift massage treatments at Shine health & beauty salons in Stoke Newington & Newington Green

Non invasive face lift massage

Also known as facial rejuvenation, Face Lift Massage is an amazing, non-invasive approach to restoring your youthful vitality. By increasing the skin’s elasticity and tightening the facial contours, it produces a remarkable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

You’ll also feel incredibly relaxed, with headaches and other tension related symptoms often disappearing.

The practitioner uses pressure point stimulation, muscle toning and lymph drainage to free the constrictions in your facial muscles and connective tissue. She’ll also teach you simple exercises to keep your face in shape. After the sessions you should notice that your skin feels toned and your face more flexible and mobile.

Shine offers two wonderful face treatments:

Face Lift Massage with Becky Clarke
60 mins … £75
90 mins …£105

Chi rejuvenation facial 

This wonderful facial is nature’s alternative to invasive anti-ageing procedures, infusing the skin with vitality, smoothing wrinkles and re-defining facial contours using acupressure, lymphatic drainage and traditional French facial massage.

These manual rejuvenation techniques are delivered in a deftly choreographed dance of the fingertips across the face that transports the client into a meditative state where the body’s own self-healing mechanism kicks in, providing a treatment that is profoundly restorative as well as visibly enhancing. The skin is simultaneously treated with fortifying, antioxidant essential-oil rich products from the Therapie skincare range.

The 60 or 90 minute treatment is the ultimate anti-ageing boost, incorporating a face mask infused with amethyst crystal that injects vitality back into the skin and a massage using a rose quartz Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese facial tool that is massaged across the skin to produce a host of wonder benefits from stimulating circulation to plumping wrinkles, breaking down scar tissue, unplugging blocked pores, lightening hyperpigmentation and improving skin tone and elasticity.

Created by leading top aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neil the Therapie Chi Rejuvenation Facial is a mind/body/face treatment designed to deliver inner calm, mental clarity and a gleaming complexion.

Therapie Chi Rejuvenation Facial with Helen Brown
60 mins … £85
90 mins … £125

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