Deep Tissue Massage

An ideal treatment for:
Aches + Pains
Stress + Tension
Desk job back aches
Strong muscle work with an overall body treatment which can focus on specific tension areas.
If you want sole focus on one area of injury book a Sports Massage.
Discuss your needs with your Practitioner and they can shape your time around you.

If you like your treatments to be hands-on and powerful, you’ll love deep tissue massage. Aimed at releasing deeply held tensions, it focuses on breaking down painful, rigid areas – known as adhesions - in the lower layers of muscle and connective tissue. It may therefore be especially beneficial if you’re suffering from chronic pain or sports injuries.

Deep tissue massage uses some of the same strokes as classic massage, but the movement is slower, while the pressure is firmer and more concentrated on the problem areas.

Working deeply is a collaborative act. Yourself and your Practitioner can help eachother gage the right level of depth necessary to help your tight muscles let go of their tension. Some people can get nervous about Deep Tissue thinking that they will just be pummelled and be in lots of pain, but done well, it will be the right type of releasing pain, freeing you up and still feeling like a relaxing, unwinding experience.

There is such a thing as "productive pain" which should only get up to about a 7/10 threshold, which is of course is individual to you and is best communicated. Creating pain is part of the healing process. Your body responds by sending endorphins, fresh blood and nutrients to the area of pain. When working deeply on adhesions (knots) your Practitioner is utilising your body's innate healing system, so that you work from the inside out and we work from the outside in. Massage is therefore more of a collaboration than you may have initially realised.

Please note, all Massage times include consultation and dressing.

Also, if you are Pregnant you must book this as a Pregnancy Massage as not all of our Massage Practitioners are qualified Pregnancy Practitioners.

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Salon Review
Phil - Brain based learning solutions
Becky is the best masseuse I've ever had, and I’ve had loads of massages over the years. I started going to see her a few years ago to help ease back and shoulder pain from long flights. She was so good I now see her every 4-6 weeks to help relieve aches and tightness from general muscular use and activity, and for occasional injuries. Becky has a rare gift of being able to intuitively locate precisely the right points to work on, and then the skills, knowledge and experience to fix whatever issue it might be. She really is in a league of her own. If you need a massage, I can't recommend Becky more highly. Phil - Brain based learning solutions
Salon Review
Having a treatment with Beth feels like an experience as well as an amazing deep massage. I always feel that she is totally dedicated to what she's doing and her treatments are powerful. Once I tried 90mins i never went back to an hour. Time with her is really good for me and she's seen me through tough times. Highly recommend.