Mattea Di Gaetano

Mattea is a highly qualified holistic therapist with over 25 years’ experience. She began her training in 1997 with Holistic Massage and Reflexology. Later she went on to add Pregnancy Massage, Reiki and Bowen Technique to her skill set. She is very adept at treating people from all walks of life and all ages, dealing with a variety of conditions.

In 2014, Mattea qualified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and she subsequently completed Post Graduate Training in craniosacral therapy for Mothers and Babies.

Mattea offers sessions for individuals as well as for mothers and babies. This includes pre- and postnatal treatments. Her treatments can help babies with issues such as birth trauma, development problems, misalignment and they can also improve the communication between mothers and their young child. Mattea can offer baby massage and can teach parents how to do it individually.

All Massage ServicesMattea can utilise all her treatment modalities to suit individual client’s needs. She can combine her different specialisms and techniques, or stick to one modality, depending on which can give the maximum benefit to the well-being, health and wholeness of each client. Development of your personalised treatment therefore enriches over time.

More recently, Mattea has been treating clients with long Covid, finding that mostly Craniosacral therapy and Reiki have been a great support, to help clients regain their vitality as the nervous can rest and the immune system regain energy.

Treatments with Mattea leave you feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, whole, and relieved of aches, pains and tensions. Within the safety, skill and care that Mattea offers, each session brings you closer to your own health, balance and resilience.

She works with private clients, NHS Mental Health, Children’s Centre’s and at local Community events. Her therapeutic and intuitive sensitivity enables her to connect with each client. She has a loyal client base, all trusting in her abilities and the care she offers.

Mattea is qualified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Holistic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Indian Head and Baby massage, , Hot stone, Reiki, Reflexology and Bowen Technique.

Mattea is Italian, has lived in Germany and moved to London in 1986. She speaks English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Mattea is accredited with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) registered with the Complementary Therapy Association (CThA)

Bowen , CST , Deep Tissue , Indian Head MassageHolistic ,
Pregnancy , Reflexology , Reiki + Hot Stone Massage
Mother and Baby CST Clinic
You can read Mattea’s blog on the gentle power of CST.


Salon Review
Laura, London
I've just started seeing Mattea and cannot recommend her highly enough. Her holistic approach is sorting out a range of issues with my back, shoulders and posture and I leave our sessions feeling rested, well and taller!
Thanks Laura, we will pass on your kind words.
Salon Review
Muge Erdogmus Turnbull
I have been seeing Mattea regularly for over 10 years now. She is a very skilled, intuitive healer therapist- she really attunes to your body and soul and responds in a gentle yet strong way that helps a lot! Her warmth and empathic presence puts you at ease from the start. Highly recommended!
Thank you so much for taking time to write this lovely review Muge.
Salon Review
I’ve been booking sessions with Mattea for several months. She has helped me with jet-lag, all around well-being, and more recently with recovery from some skin graft surgery on my face. I really appreciate the combination of skills, especially massage and craniosacral therapy, she brings to her treatments. She has a depth of experience and an ability to really hear what you have to say, as well as to what your body is telling her , such that each treatment feels tailor-made to the circumstances. I often feel the benefit for some days after. I’ve been happy to recommend her to friends and family - she is a very special practitioner. So glad I live near the Shine studio.
Thank you Margaret. Much appreciated.
Salon Review
Mattea is a warm, intuitive and sensitive practitioner. I first came to see her following a very stressful experience during my last pregnancy. Her combination of pregnancy massage and CST meant I left the session feeling transformed; I was so much calmer and more grounded. I have seen her regularly during this current pregnancy and the sessions have helped me stay level despite a challenging pregnancy.
We are so glad to hear how Mattea has helped you. Thank you.
Salon Review
Agnes Lindstøl
I have had massages with Mattea many times now. Everytime i feel like she makes the right decision to make my body feel more balanced, aligned and easy. I learned after that this was craniosacral therapy and i find it very effective and so soothing for myself. I am so grateful to have met you, Mattea. Thank you.
Salon Review
a. lindstoel
I have found Mattea's way of doing massages impactful on my physical health. I feel more balanced when i leave and also less preoccupied with my thoughts. On many occasions i have felt lighter and less tense in my body in a way that has lasted and kept me very in tune with my body and physical well-being. I highly recommend Mattea for anyone who has pains in their body, especially back/spine or legs/hips and who wants to feel more balanced, aligned and in tune with their body. I feel i have learned more about my body by having massages with Mattea, how it deals with problems by accumulating tension in certain areas of my body and where in my body there are more irregularites. I am grateful for this learning as it raises my awareness to where in my body i am holding tension/ignoring physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, which i can now tend to and pay more attention to going forward.
Salon Review
Nina Foster
I began massage and cranial sacral therapy -CST - with Mattea some months after I was run over. Both my ankle and knee were broken and I had been in constant pain , as well as experiencing PST. Mattea introduced me to CST which has profoundly helped - soothing chronic pain and significantly relieving stress. I find that the sessions seem to align parts of me that feel broken - emotionally and physically, as well as soothing pain with warmth and light - leaving me feeling relieved and stronger. As a result of the sessions, I am beginning to heal and have greater capacity to tackle physio and routine daily challenges. I am so grateful to Mattea for introducing me to CST and for her intuitive support and treatment - I will continue sessions for as long as I can and highly recommend that others try them. Mattea - thank you for all you do . It is hugely appreciated!
Salon Review
Mattea’s craniosacral therapy has been the key to my Long Covid recovery. After six months of not getting better, she has helped me and my body become balanced again and set free its own healing power. Mattea quickly identified my most vulnerable points, and the gentle touches of her craniosacral therapy do magic to the body. She has such a calming and soothing attitude; I immediately felt safe in her hands. Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely review. It\\\'s such a great way to support our Practitioners.
Salon Review
I've had several messages with Mattea during my first pregnancy and they've all been wonderful - she is knowledgeable, caring and always keen to tailor her treatments to my needs. She also combines CST and massage which I've found to be very relaxing and beneficial. I would highly recommend her especially to any expectant mums!
Salon Review
Caroline Hebbert
I had the most fantastic craniosacral treatment with Mattea last weekend. She quickly identified various niggles I\'d been experiencing and really helped ease the stiffness and pain in my lower back and hip. The treatment was profoundly relaxing and re-energising at the same time, and I have slept much better this week. Mattea has such a gentle, calm manner too, which adds to the relaxing experience. Highly recommended!
Thanks Caroline, I will pass on your kind words to Mattea.
Salon Review
Katy Close
I regularly have Bowen therapy and Indian Head massage with Mattea. Mattea is a very lovely and calming person. I always leave her feeling more relaxed than I’ve ever felt. The Bowen therapy has helped me treat the symptoms of an old injury in my neck as it has made such a difference. The massage gets rid of all the tight spots on my back and neck and leaves me feeling like a new person.
Salon Review
CH, North London
Mattea has treated me for a number of years and really is a magician! I came to see Mattea on Sunday to help me with persistent lower back and leg pain, as well as a general sense of being "out of sorts" and lacking energy. She is immensely intuitive and very skilled at establishing what the most effective treatment or combination of approaches will be - in this case, a combination of hands-on massage with powerful cranio-sacral therapy straightened out my back, relieved the pain and gave me a much-needed energy boost. She has a wonderfully sympathetic and gentle manner. Many thanks Mattea!
Salon Review
Liz Simpson
This is a review on behalf of my friend from the US who makes a point of having a massage with Mattea each time she visits with me. She loves the experience, which is always the perfect end to an (often hectic) visit to London, with lots of work appointments and meetings. Mind you, I have always enjoyed my massage sessions with Mattea as well, I recommended her in the first place. I really must treat myself again ...