Leon Baugh

Leon Baugh is an Osteopath and Sports massage therapist, holding a Masters Degree from the British School of Osteopathy, and registered with the General Osteopathic Council. He also holds qualifications in Advanced Bodywork and Medical Acupuncture.

sh_holistic_osteopathy2Prior to becoming a full-time Osteopath, Leon had a career as an International touring dancer, and an award winning choreographer for theatre.

Over the years, he has treated many different performers at top institutions including Sadlers Wells and the Royal Court Theatre, and includes a number of the world’s leading ballet and contemporary dancers as his clients.

Leon is also a part-time tutor for Performing Medicine at Bart’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, Royal London Hospital, where he teaches communication skills to medical students.

As an Osteopath, Leon draws on his experience as a dancer to conduct full body analysis, and offers a range of services including individualised treatment plans, patient education and rehabilitation exercise plans where necessary.

As a Sports Massage Practitioner, he has over 10 years of experience. He has successfully rehabilitated a vast number of injured professional and amateur sports people in that time. He treats a wide range of ages and conditions from people preparing for competition and marathons, to over worked Londoners in need of help getting rid of their tension!!



Leon’s prices work with regards to time and not treatment dependent:

30 min = £65    45min = £77    60min = £87    90min = £135

For more information visit Leon’s website www.lb-osteo.com
Sports massage – any of the times listed above
Osteopathy – 1st appointment. 45mins and Follow up 30 mins.
Anatomy in Motion (AiM)– 90min 1st appointment – Follow up AiM – 45 min.

As Leon has an extensive background in Dance and Choreography, Performers and Children get a £10 discount on all treatments.


My Reviews

Salon Review
Christine Hathway
So pleased to have found Leon. Whether it’s pain from stress, sport or long standing creakiness he’s always been able to help. I like his friendly and focused approach. An inspired and very effective osteopath.
Salon Review
Diana Anastasia
Leon is a genius osteopath, intuitive and effective. I was recommended by a friend and I’ve been coming back since, I notice the biggest difference right away. Highly recommend
Salon Review
Kathy Richardson
Leon is a brilliantly skilled Osteopath. Whilst making you feel very cared for he also articulates what he is working on to help us understand our bodies better. As a dancer he is aware of the demands on the body and works with you to bring about ultimate function and comfort in movement, also suggesting exercises to do outside of the therapy room so you have knowledge to take away with you. Couldn't recommend enough
Salon Review
Philippa Kaufmann
I went to Leon with a back problem that has troubled me for years. In a single session he identified the problem and gave me some exercises to work with at home. He didn't tell me that I needed to come back for a follow up, but left it to me to contact him if I felt the need. That single session has completely changed my attitude to my back. I'm no longer terrified when I feel it twinge that if I carry on exercising to keep fit it will lead to long term disaster. I now turn to the exercises he gave me to settle it and carry on. Brilliant.
Salon Review
Desiree McDougall
I had a great Osteo session with Leon Baugh. Thank you! I was also very impressed with the fact that there is Who Gives a Crap toilet paper (100 % bamboo and recycled toilet paper) and recyclable plastic bags in the bin in the toilet. Good to see a business with a conscience.
Salon Review
Jon Archibald, IT Consultant and Dad.
I’ve suffered back pain two to three times a year since my children were one, largely due to lifting them at odd angles. I've previously seen osteopaths on an ad hoc basis to 'fix me up' but Leon was the first osteopath I saw who left me with a set of exercises that not only saw off the immediate pain, but (so far and fingers crossed) have also prevented recurrence. He was like a back magician! It's also worth noting he treated me with a home visit that was extremely convenient.