9th Myth: “I do Pilates/ I practice yoga”

Fact: Pilates and yoga do involve the pelvic floor muscles, but not to any great extent. To really get the benefits of pelvic floor exercises it’s worth doing a complete PF education programme. This will teach you everything from the basics of anatomy and physiology to a detailed PF exercise routine; all with a clear focus.

I believe it is vital to understand exactly what pelvic floor exercises are all about. In my Pelfix sessions I carefully explain how the pelvic floor muscles work, where they are located and what their function is. Then I teach a series of exercises, starting with simple movements and gradually moving on to more complex and challenging movements and combinations of movements. This is the best way to get people to truly understand and experience what the pelvic floor muscles are capable of. Yoga and pilates sessions have many excellent benefits but they are very unlikely to cover pelvic floor exercises in this level of detail.

Livia Nemeth