Abi’s Client

“I cannot put into words how much Abi has done for me. I have been through a particularly challenging time in my life when everything I cared & hoped for was lost. I was turned upside down and then shaken out. I have days where I feel utterly lost and it’s those days when I see Abi that I am suddenly grounded and so much more able to cope. Her combination of life coaching, yoga, reiki and Alexander Technique make her truly magical and utterly unique, a mixture of the spiritual and the practical. Abi has a sense of calm to her that is so rounded and down to earth. Not even slightly pious as I have found yoga teachers to be occasionally in the past. She is utterly approachable and creates a confidence in me that allows for a much more rewarding practice. She straightens me out physically and mentally. Setting me off with my feet planted firmly on the ground and my head levelled out between sessions. I honestly can’t recommend her enough. She will calm your mind, cleanse your body and feed your soul.”

Tara Scammell, North London