Breathing patterns and Long Covid

After a pandemic break Butyeko is coming back to Shine, Church Street.

Buteyko is used to improve asthma symptoms and other breathing-related conditions such as sinusitis, anxiety and panic attacks. More recently it has been helping people deal with Long Covid. Kathryn explains:

How we breathe matters. And that has proved to be the case even more so during the pandemic as Covid-19 produced respiratory symptoms including shortness of breath and a cough. Also a significant number of the population have been left with long Covid which means that their symptoms have continued often including persistent difficulties with breathing, in particular shortness of breath.

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Buteyko has been used by people with Covid-19 during the pandemic to support their breathing and and is also now being piloted within the NHS as a way to help those with long Covid.

So what is Buteyko? The technique is about regaining control of your breathing and giving you the skills to take back control of your own health. It has its unusual name as it was developed by a Ukranian doctor – Konstanin Buteyko in the 1970s.

Buteyko is a breathing re-education and life style management programme. Breathing re-education aims to reduce disordered breathing so the breathing pattern becomes more efficient. Techniques to clear the nose, manage symptoms and reduce unnecessary coughing are also included.



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Your breathing pattern can develop over many years and can be adversely affected by issues such as stress, chest infections, and other illnesses. You can imagine that your breathing pattern is set by an internal breathing clock and that Buteyko aims to reset that internal clock.

Improving your breathing does not happen overnight as Butyeko requires commitment. To begin with you will be asked to do some breathing exercises three times a day taking about 15-20 minutes each time. Another important aspect of Buteyko is becoming breathing aware and observing how you breathe and learning to adjust and change how you breathe where appropriate.




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For those with long Covid-19, certain elements of Buteyko will be particularly pertinent, such as learning to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth, overcoming and managing a persistent cough, and relieving shortness of breath.




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