From dream to plan in one hour!

How often have you had ideas and dreams and they just stay that way? How often do people ask you, “So, what’s happening with….?” And you stumble a “Well, er…”

A friend of mind took me through a really simple, fantastic exercise to take me from a dream (with too many questions floating in my head), to a step-by-step plan in one hour!

So for the New Year I want to share this simple, empowering process with you.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s time to really iron out the future goals, right?

The example I will use is my own. I had a dream of converting a barn into my home. I had so many questions regarding planning permission, legislation, designs, costs, sources; as well as wishes for a reading window, a walk in wardrobe and of course the funds to make it happen. It all circled around my head.

I would make lists but somehow it wasn’t getting me any clearer about the process. I became overwhelmed by the length of the list and didn’t move forward beyond that.

My friend practices mindfulness meditation. She also recommended a great book called “The Now Habit” by Neil Fiore PHD. From these sources and her own experiences, she devised a simple method of planning.

What you will need:

A stack of small pieces of paper, preferably about half the size of a postcard.

A pen that writes easily, perhaps a Sharpie, so you can write large and fast.

A stop-watch or timer on your phone.

A friend / colleague / partner – Anyone who is interested in helping you figure out the process.

From dream to plan in one hour!


So what is it that you want to figure out? Is it something big? Do you want to change Career? Move country?

Or is it something that you want to add in to your life? Start learning a new language or instrument?  Are you not sure how to fit it all in?

Whatever query large or small, this process can help you manifest the day dream into reality.


Step 1:

  • Your friend gives you 15minutes only, to write down every thought around this subject / project / idea. Literally shake your brain out and put it onto paper. They can be questions, statements of intent, specific details, general visions, fears, philosophies…absolutely anything that is on your mind about this idea, get it down on paper.

Step 2

  • Your friend now has 15minutes to arrange the individual pieces of paper into an order that makes sense to them.

This is a very important stage. Having somebody else do this initial arrangement leaves out any adding, editing as you go, or muddying of the process at this point. They have an objective view of your process. You can always add to it, but for now let them shape it objectively for you.

Step 3

You both now have 15 minutes to discuss the arrangement that has been made, ironing out the whys and wherefores and can make swaps and additions if necessary.

Step 4

You can either photograph the order of the cards to now decipher the full process to go from dream to reality, or you can simply stack them in order and take yourself to task from there.

From dream to plan in just one hour!

Its simple, its fun and it’s a step in the right direction.

Happy New Year!!

Sophie McNicholas – Clinic Manager and Massage Practitioner.