To Lift or Peel? That is the question.


Natural Japanese FaceLift Facial vs Dermalogica Expert Active 


Over the last two months Shine has introduced two new Advanced Face Treatments. One is The Japanese FaceLift Facial, the other, is Dermalogica’s Expert Active


These two new entries have a different approach and philosophy to skincare yet the results achieved have proven to correspond. To tailor to your skin’s specific needs, we are here to help you choose the right treatment.


The Japanese FaceLift Facial

This treatment applies a Holistic approach to skincare.
The Holistic approach is known by different terms, including alternative, complementary and traditional medicine.

Historically, modern medicine evolved out of an assumption that the mind and body are separate. Disease and illness were viewed as mechanical breakdowns and it was these breakdowns and the symptoms they caused that were treated. Complementary therapies aim to treat the entire person, not just the symptoms.

Even though our skin is affected by external factors it also has a lot to do with our internal health and emotions. Did you know that a broad spectrum of all skin issues, are connected to hormonal imbalances? Hormonal imbalances are directly connected to stress. When we are stressed, our body produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol influences the sebum excretion of skin’s glands, causing clogged pores and inflammation. Adult acne is a very common skin condition, affecting many people worldwide.

The Japanese FaceLift Facial not only treats the face and skin, but the entire body as well. It helps to stimulate and balance your entire system by using acupressure and facial reflexology techniques. The lymphatic drainage techniques thsh_Japanesefl_280at are also used, stimulate the elimination of toxins, improve circulation and connect with your parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to relax and come out of the daily city fight or flight response.

So, when it comes to skin, a Holistic approach attempts to stimulate detoxification, regain hormonal balance and stress levels which can help get to the bottom of specific conditions such as premature ageing, acne, swellings, hyper pigmentation and skin sensitivity.

Using hands and aromatherapy oils together with professional beauty products this face-sculpting massage will lift years off your face and leave you feeling completely relaxed and pampered. The re-balancing effects of this facial will be reflected in the rest of your body and your sense of wellbeing.

Many clients, who are interested in health and wellbeing, are looking for natural anti-ageing alternatives to chemical treatments and cosmetic surgery. Facial Massage is among those alternatives. Professional Facial Massage facilitates penetration of active ingredients, reduces skin sagging and puffiness and also balances energetic pathways in the body. When your whole body and mind relaxes it reflects in your skin, eyes and all body organs. You are left filled with happiness and peace.

This treatment will appeal to a woman who values prevention of skin aging with a natural therapy, who likes to be pampered and appreciates the power of a touch therapy.

90mins for £90


Expert Active

The realities of a fast-paced city life, can enforce pressures on the way we look, but with very little time to dedicate to our health. Being aware of both novelties and advances in skincare, whilst wanting to look good in “no time” means that often a traditional facial, involving steam, exfoliation and extraction are not always enough for a city dweller.

Some clients are opting out of old school facials and heading straight to peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. They want to see major changes in their skin, that they cannot always see from a facial and they want quick results. However, sometimes those types of advanced clinical face treatments can come at a cost. Many of the high performance treatments can cause adverse skin reactions. They work against the skin, deliberately causing trauma so that the skin will defend itself by producing collagen and elastin.


sh_beauty_yoannas skin peel 3Dermalogica’s Expert Active is working with your skin physiology, not against it. The products used in the treatment contain biologically active ingredients that are breaking down the very superficial layers of the skin, removing visible dullness and roughness, improving the appearance of the skin without altering its structure and function.

AHA(alpha hydroxyl acids) and BHA(beta hydroxyl acids) together with fruit enzymes and botanicals are able to penetrate into the deeper layers, going beyond the general exfoliation methods and treating concerns such as sun-damage and pigmentation, clearing follicles and decreasing a build up of impurities and oil in the skin. It also can treat mildly sensitized skin by reducing the inflammation.

A surface peel brings luminosity to the skin and oxygenates it with no downtime. It works from the outer layer of the skin to the basal layer. That is why it is a great treatment for pigmentation, fine lines and acne. The Expert Active will tighten pores and reduce scarring caused by acne.

Compared to the “hands on” Japanese FaceLift Facial, the Expert Active is a more clinical treatment and does not involve a touch therapy.

If you have any skin damage triggered by external factors, such as sun damage, poor skincare, congestion caused by dirt and pollution or poor exfoliation, then the Expert Active is definitely the treatment for you.

75mins for £80


Good skincare can consist of different strategies or a combination of them, such as changing one’s lifestyle and habits, concentrating on UV radiation protection, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, a good skincare routine and regular facials.

The choice is yours and whichever choice you make, we will make sure you get the optimum result.


Dana Vronksa