Spring Beauty Tips – Tackling Skin Concerns

Facial Treatments at Shine Beauty Salons in  Church Street & Newington Green

If you struggle to keep your skin under control and have outbreaks of acne, or rosacea then the warmer days of summer can be filled with dread as the suns tends to increase flare- ups.

At Shine beauty salons in Church Street & Newington Green we have a range of products and treatments available that can help to keep redness and flushing caused by rosacea and other common skin complaints under control.

Our range of treatments help refine and rejuvenate your skin. So if your skin is dry, or dehydrated, or you want to get rid of fine lines and combat the signs of ageing – the expert beauticians in our Church Street & Newington Green beauty salons are on hand to help.

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Dermalogica Facials 

At Shine we have an extensive range of Dermalogica Facials, with every skin type carefully considered. With so many options of Facials and Products, why not come in for a free Face Mapping Consultation? We use one of the latest technologies FREE of charge – “Hydratest Tool” that identifies the exact levels of your oil and hydration before and after each facial. 

Treatments to Improve Facial Redness

Rosacea, acne and redness in the skin, are caused by dilated blood vessels and breakouts can be improved by an Advanced Facial Treatment at Shine. Our BioSurface Peels are ideal for decreasing surface roughness of the skin, treating acne, reducing fine lines, fades pigmentation, and regenerates new skin and increases the production of collagen.

Speak to one of our skin therapists before booking this appointment

Get Glowing Skin With a Dermalogica Customised Facial 

If you want a beauty treatment to help tackle problems with the skin’s texture, tone and colour caused by rosacea then speak to your skilled and experienced beauty therapist at Shine. 

We offer customised facials in our Church Street and Newington Green beauty salons that are bespoke to your skin. Your therapist will choose between Ultra-Calming, MediBac, Power Bright or Age Smart depending upon your concerns and your skins needs.

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To book in for a professional consultation on the services we can offer to improve your rosacea or other skin concerns, please call 020 7241 5033 for Church Street and 020 7241 2065 for Newington Green.