1950s Hair & Beauty photo shoot


Shine is very excited to reveal its 2nd period inspired photo shoot; the glorious 1950’s!

Once again, we collaborated with Charlotte Mumford the multi-talented clothes stylist & photographer. We also have to give a massive thank you to Red’s True Barbecue Shoreditch for letting us use there spectacular venue!!

The glorious 1950’s


1950's shine 1   1950's shine 2   1950's shine 3


1950's shine 12  1950's shine 10  1950's shine 11


1950's shine 15   1950's shine 13   1950's shine 14


1950's shine 8  1950's shine 9  1950's shine 7


1950's shine 5  1950's shine 4  1950's shine 6 cropped


Behind the scenes




emily edited 3emily edited 7emily edited 6emily edited 8emily edited 9emily edited 11emily edited 12emily edited 14emily edited 15


Emily had a gorgeous, rich red colour and a simple cut in preparation for her pin curls Upstyle all created by Jessica Elvin.
The sleek and striking make-up was by Desi Petkova.




frank edited isabel 6frank edited isabel 4frank edited isabel 5frank edited isabel 9frank edited isabel 8frank edited isabel 10frank edited isabel 11frank edited isabel 12frank edited isabel 13


Frank had a neat short back and sides cut with a middle parting and sleek styling by Isabel Oliva.
Simple face make-up was applied by Desi Petkova.




kevin edited 1kevin edited 3kevin edited 6kevin edited 7kevin edited 8kevin edited 9kevin edited 10kevin edited 11kevin edited 12


Kevin had a cut and styling by our lovely Jennifer and like Frank, simple face make-up up by Desi Petkova.




lucy edited 1lucy edited 9lucy edited 10lucy edited 12lucy edited 13lucy edited 16lucy edited 17lucy edited 18lucy edited 19


Lucy got a cut & up style with Johiem Ismail & stunning make-up from Dana Vronksa.


Thank you to everyone both internally & externally for all their hard work! If you want to see more behind the scene images, as well as the before & after shots of our models, follow this link.