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  1. Hello! I was wondering where to leave a comment on your site… So please feel free to copy and paste the following to the right spot (you may also use my name)!

    I have had my hair cut by Isabel for a couple of years now, and I have a pretty sharp hair style that deserves a skilled hairdresser. I am so glad I found Isabel, who is not only the loveliest person, but she is also excellent at her job! She always have suggestions for me, and she is opened to mine. My only stress is when she goes on holiday! Thank you Isa! You are the best!

    Caroline McTurk

    1. Hello Caroline,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback.
      We will happily have this up as one of Isabel’s testimonials.
      She is a wonderful member of the team and we are so glad you keep coming back.

      Best wishes

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