Our Gender Neutral Pricing Explained

Gender-Neutral Pricing at Shine Salons in Stoke Newington

Shine recently changed to gender-neutral pricing to be able to serve our clients better. We know that one size most certainly does not fit all - so, our cutting & styling prices have changed so that they are fairer and equal to everyone, no matter how you identify.

Our prices will not be defined by gender, but by the following service definitions;

Gender Neutral Salon Prices LondonCropped Cut: Anything above the ear which rarely requires a blow-dry and may include the use of scissors, clippers or scissors over comb.

Cut and Style: Anything below the ears that does not tend to require clippers or scissors over comb. It includes either styling, a blow-dry, or the use of any electrical drying tool.

Restyle 90 minutes: When you are going for a significant change, from very long to short, requiring extra time for a thorough consultation or due to length, thickness or styling.

Once your style is created, follow up haircuts would be one of the two options above if only an hour is needed. If 90mins is always needed, this is your price as standard.

Your appointment price will ultimately be decided by your stylist, taking into consideration your hair style, length, density, needs and finish.