The Japanese FaceLift Facial

Facial Massage Treatments at Shine Health & Beauty Salons in North London

The Japanese FaceLift Facial not only treats the face and skin, but the entire body as well. It helps to stimulate and balance your entire system by using acupressure and facial reflexology techniques.

The lymphatic drainage techniques used stimulate the elimination of toxins, improve circulation and connect with your parasympathetic nervous system helping you to relax and come out of the daily city fight or flight response.

Face Sculpting Massage Services

Using the power of touch teamed with aromatherapy oils this face-sculpting massage will lift years off your face and leave you feeling completely relaxed and pampered.

The re-balancing effects of this unique facial will be reflected in the rest of your body and fill you with a sense of well being.

Non-Surgical Facials at Top North London Beauty Salons

Many clients, who are interested in health and wellbeing are looking for natural anti-ageing alternatives to chemical treatments and cosmetic surgery. Facial Massage is among those alternatives.

Professional Facial Massage facilitates penetration of active ingredients reduces skin sagging, puffiness and also balances energetic pathways in the body.

When your whole body and mind is relaxed it reflects in your skin, eyes and all body organs. You are left filled with happiness and peace with skin that looks healthy and revitalised.

Do you want to stop the appearance of ageing through non-surgical procedures? Allow our highly-skilled beauty therapists at our Stoke Newington salon or Newington green health & beauty salons use touch therapy and specialist facial techniques to refine and rejuvenate your skin.

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