Shin Splints

Shin Splints

This is a term used for the dull aches and pain found on the front part of the leg, the shin bone. Mostly this pain is brought on my excessive weight loading exercise, or impact from running, or doing sports where you stop and start a lot like football or tennis. It can be common when somebody is relatively new to the sport and has put too much stress on the lower leg for it to bare, or perhaps if they are overweight, or are wearing foot wear that has inadequate support.

As with other common injuries, it is important to respect the pain signal that you are being given and stop the activity that is aggravating you. Allowing your body time to rest helps it repair, but also prevents further damage being caused.

Using the RICE method is advised and you may wish to take anti-inflammatory painkillers if there is swelling.

If after a few weeks of rest, you feel much better, then you can gently return to exercise, though it would be of benefit to try more passive sports for a while, such as cycling or swimming, which reduces the impact and stress upon the lower legs.

If you are still in pain or it worsens after a few weeks it would be necessary to seek medical advice.

Drinking plenty of water, using your work out time to implement warm ups and warm down stretches will help maintain a healthy supple body. Massage can be a great way to aid suppleness through stimulating the blood circulation, especially seeing as the legs have a harder time circulating blood, as they are always fighting gravity. This is why it is so important to put your feet up!