Chris Harris

CHRIS HARRIS, BA hons DO, graduated as an Osteopath from the European School of Osteopathy in 1994 and according to him has not looked back since, having found his vocation. He is a registered member of The Institue of Osteopathy .
Of the main colleges in the UK the European School has the most substantial training in the field of Cranial Osteopathy.  This is a refined and subtle form of the work.  With several formative and inspirational experiences in the school’s paediatric clinic, Chris quickly realised that this was an area in which to specialise. This he has done by substantial postgraduate study with the Sutherland Cranial College [the foremost training institute in this field] having completed all their specialist courses, and by apprenticeship.


He has worked closely with and learned from several senior figures in the profession of world renown.  These include Anu Norrie in New Zealand, and in the UK Nicholas Handoll, Clive and Elizabeth Hayden, and Hilary Percival amongst others.  This has helped him in the synthesis of his own unique approach.

He describes constantly attempting to extend the depth and reach of Osteopathic treatment. Much of his personal satisfaction comes from facilitating patients as they release these patterns and thus enable themselves to initiate profoundly positive life changes.

He also specialises in the new field of Osteodontics. This is the interface between dental/orthodontic intervention and Cranial Osteopathy. Osteodontics is a word for work in this area that Chris himself has suggested. It is not yet evidence based.

Patients have often described Chris as having an infectious enthusiasm for his work which they find reassuring and encouraging.  Please see his website for more information.  Chris is always happy sh_holistic_ChrisHto answer questions about any aspect of treatment, by phone or email.

Osteodontic (also known as Occlusal) work with Chris costs £125 for 1st appointments and £95 per each follow up session.

Further information is available on his website.

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